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Which Department Should I Speak To?

A list of support services at the University of Lincoln and how/where to contact them.

Embarking on your new chapter of life at university can be exciting, joyous and thrilling, but it can also bring many challenges and questions that you may need help with. Fortunately, the University of Lincoln has a myriad of support services that specialise in helping students with their needs, whatever it may be. Check out the list below if you’re wondering which department you should speak to.

Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre (located on the ground floor of the Minerva Building) offers help and advice for a range of general inquiries, for example, queries on accommodation, directions around campus, money and finance, employment, legal issues, immigration and more! They can also signpost you to the specific support service required for your issue. Fret not as their Advice Service is free, confidential and available to all students. You can contact them at or through their website:

Student Support Centre at the university of lincoln

Student Wellbeing Centre

Whether you need support for a disability, mental health issue, medical condition, a learning difference, crisis, harassment or simply need to visit a GP, the Student Wellbeing Team will be able to help you. You can meet with the on-campus GP, Wellbeing Advisors, Mental Health Advisors and Counsellors to discuss your medical and personal needs to ensure you can experience university life to the fullest. Visit them at the Student Wellbeing Centre (next to the Stephen Langton Building), email them at or visit their website here:

Student wellbeing centre at the university of lincoln

Enrollment and Finance

The enrolment process can be quite daunting, with students having many questions about enrolment documents, visas, student ID cards and more. The Enrolment Suite (located in the Minerva building) provides support to students during the enrolment process, and is also where the finance department is located for any queries regarding tuition fees, loans or payments. You can book an appointment with the Enrolment team here or visit their website here

students at the university of lincoln

International College

Undoubtedly, international students may require more support, having to deal with visas, immigration and adapting to a new learning environment. Located on the first floor of the Minerva Building, the International College offers workshops, courses and virtual events to prepare international students for learning and living in Lincoln, as well as support for any general or specific inquiries they might have. You can reach them via or through their website at

the minerva building at the university of lincoln


Whether you require printing services, resources for research or want to develop your academic, digital and information literacy skills, the library is where you should go (located opposite the Student Union). It not only serves as a source of information, but they also offer workshops and webinars on essay writing, software and IT, Maths and Stats, Harvard referencing and more! You can email them via, visit their website here or check out their upcoming workshops here

the library at the university of lincoln

Careers and Employability

The Careers and Employability team offers support to students in regards to finding a job, writing CVs, preparing for interviews and general career advice via their Career Counselling sessions. They also host workshops, events and webinars for students looking to develop their career skills. The Campus Jobs team (located in the Library ground floor) also falls under this department and can help students find a job on campus or aid those who are already employed. Visit their website here to find support related to your specific need or contact them via or

the careers and employability centre at the university of lincoln
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