First Year: Things to Remember

They say time goes fast when you’re having fun. Well, whoever “they” are, couldn’t have been more right. This first year of university has now finished, I completed my last exam and have said goodbye to my first university accommodated room – which in itself, was sad enough. You wouldn’t think saying goodbye to my…

The differences between studying A-levels and studying at uni

You might think that A-levels are the most difficult qualification you’ll ever face. But, personally having just graduated from university I have to admit that getting a degree was, for me, much more challenging. So, here are some of the reasons why based on my own experience. Attendance Let’s get this out the way now –…

Managing to manage money

Money is a big deal at university, mostly because you don’t have very much. So, I’m not going to sugar-coat that fact since no-one sugar-coats my bank statements.

Money and Time Saving Tips

Whilst at university you may find yourself tight on both money and time, so here are some tips I have picked up over the last 3 years.

What I would definitely tell my first-year self

Going to university is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, especially for those who are going to be living away from home for the first time like I was. Therefore, over my first year as a student I have grown a little older and a little wiser, so I feel that I am now able…