This role is used to publish one-off or occasional contributions from students.

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Alistair Berry

Hi guys! My name is Alistair and I am studying an MSc in marketing, having completed my undergraduate degree in journalism and public relations. I enjoy writing about academic topics as well as ways to get the most out of your time at uni.

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My name is Katie and I’m in my third year studying English, but I previously studied Journalism in my first year. I’m part of the Athletics sports society and I also volunteer with an organisation called ‘Just Lincolnshire’, which aims to raise awareness about hate crime and discrimination. I enjoy reading, my favourite book is ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and I have an interest in fashion, crystal healing and natural home remedies.

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I’m Lauren, a Yorkshire girl living away from home here in Lincoln. I’m in my third year of biomedical science and after my degree I want to study graduate medicine with the hopes of being a doctor. My other interests include cheerleading and I'm part of Lincoln Jets Touchdown; fashion/arty things, as I am president of the fashion and design society; and I also really like good music.

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Hi I am Katharyn! I am a second year Journalism undergraduate here at Lincoln. Moving to a city was a bit of a change for me because I am from a tiny village in rural Worcestershire (yes… like the sauce) Luckily, I fell in love with Lincoln which made the move so much easier! My interests include motorsport, politics, music, films and much more. I hope to go into broadcast journalism when I leave university.

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Talie Colbourne

Hi, I'm Talie and I'm about to start my second year of Journalism at the University of Lincoln. Outside of my studies I'm a dancer and a skier (participating myself and instructing) and a gymnast. I also enjoy reading, blogging and spending time with my friends and family!

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Shannon Butcher

I'm Shannon Butcher, a second year student at the University of Lincoln. I study journalism and have wanted to pursue it for a long time because I enjoy writing, informing or educating others and having the ability to discover interesting stories. Outside of university, I live near Sheffield where I spend a lot of my time off going to watch gigs and exploring. Traveling is also a huge passion of mine as well as Photograpghy.

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Liam O'Dell

Hello! I'm Liam, a second year journalism student at the University of Lincoln. Books, blogging and electronic music are just some of my interests and passions. Aside from all that, I present my own radio show on Lincoln's community radio shoe, Siren Fm, and I'm soon-to-be Editor of the university's student newspaper, The Linc.

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Lewis Foster

Hi. I’m Lewis Foster. I write. I present. And I tell the stories that I think the world needs to hear. I am a third-year undergraduate studying journalism at the University of Lincoln. At 22, I’ve taken a couple of detours to get where I am but now I’ve finally found a place to explore my passions and put my talents to good use. My work might not be life changing but it’s enough that my content is enjoyed by people like you!

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Alice Whitmore

Hello, my name is Alice Whitmore, I am currently a 3rd year Computer Science Undergraduate student. As this may suggest, I am a big tech geek and love to stay up to date with all the latest tech news. In contrast to this, I have also been treasurer for the Fashion and Design Society for the past 2 years, this involves not only organising the society’s finances, but also having a main role in organising the societies weekly workshops. I also play a role in the local community as I volunteer with the local Salvation Army children’s groups, mainly their Brownie Guide group.

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Ellie Plummer

Hi, I'm Ellie, a third-year Media Production student. I'm also an intern on a TV show called Tell Vanessa. In my spare time, I like to kayak, travel and binge-watch Netflix.

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Rebecca Louise Hepworth

My name is Rebecca Hepworth, I am 20 years old and in my third year of studying Event Management. University has inspired me to volunteer at a range of different events and get involved in the local community and help on behalf of good causes. I love all things vintage and exploring vintage fairs for that unique item I can make my own. In my down time you can often find me exploring in a museum. As graduation is fast approaching I have found blogging a good outlet to reflect on what I have achieved and what is to come.

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I've lived in Lincoln for most of my life, and after choosing to study my Journalism degree here too, it's safe to say that the city has quite a hold on me. After writing for the school newspaper since I was 11, it was pretty exciting to discover that people get to do this for a living. I love sharing stories; whether they involve fashion, make up or anything else I'll get myself into (or out of) while at university.

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Keelan Balderson

Keelan Balderson is a first-year Journalism student and freelance writer on the web. If he's not ranting about politics or the world's ills, he's probably watching pro wrestling.

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Alex Keene

Hello! My name is Alexandra (although everyone calls me Alex) and I am a first-year journalism student who has been blogging about my thoughts for a while now. I enjoy watching and writing about live music shows, poetry events and football matches in my hometown of Nottingham and in Lincoln.

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Anna Infante

Hey! My name is Anna and I am a post-graduate student at Lincoln. I studied English Literature here for my undergraduate, and am now doing a Masters in 21st century literature. I am incredibly passionate about my course, and one day hope to become a lifestyle writer or editor of a magazine. Outside of my studies, I am a deputy editor of the student newspaper, a personal blogger and a keen swimmer. In my spare time, I also work at as a cocktail waitress, and take part in activities organised by the Vegan and Vegetarian society.

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Cara Watling

I am a third year journalism student with a wide range of interests from health and lifestyle to film reviews. One day I hope to write for Glamour magazine but, until then, you can read my views on this site.

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Ella Smith

Hi! I'm Ella, El-Dog or El, whichever you prefer. I'm a now second-year student at the University of Lincoln studying Investigative Journalism (which ironically, is now no longer a course... I'm a part-time country saver, full-time pizza-loving 20 year old writer. I have links with the British Army, which heavily influences my writing, and area of writing I wish to branch out into (military coverage). Originally from Kent, also known as, “The Garden of England”, though I really don’t know why it is named that, unless you count the little garden patch in the middle of Herne Bay a garden, but I really wouldn’t, however it is pretty I guess.

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Tia Mountain

I’m Tia and I am currently in my third year at Lincoln studying fashion. Fashion is a very challenging, but also rewarding course. So far this year I have completed my dissertation, which was a study on nursing uniforms and I'm currently working on my final collection of six garments and a portfolio of my work from the past 3 years. In my spare time I enjoy painting, reading magazines and walking to the cathedral. I also like volunteering with the campus clean-ups, which initially influenced my final collection. When I graduate I would like to become a Stylist and continue blogging.

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Emily Jackson

I’m Emily, I’m a second year journalism student at the University of Lincoln. My life goal is to go into broadcast journalism and I’m already well on my way, as I’m currently the News Editor at Siren Radio. I absolutely love to dance and I’m a member of the dance society - I enjoy singing too (although that’s not my strong point).

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Andrew Quann

I am the Social Media and Blogging Officer Graduate Intern for Student Life. I will be graduating in January with an MA in Sports Journalism here at the University of Lincoln. Previously I studied a BA(Hons) in American Studies and History graduating in 2014. My interests outside of University are football, mixed martial arts, and pro wrestling.

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I’m Lisa, a 23-year-old MA Arts Journalism student. I moved to Lincoln last September without ever having been here before, and so far I’m really happy with my choice. Before that, I did an undergrad in English and American Studies at the University of Innsbruck in Austria (that’s where I’m actually from). I’m very much into literature, music, art and travel, and I love writing about these things. But to be honest, I love writing about anything, whether it’s for uni, for blogs or just for fun – give me a pen and a notebook and I’m happy.

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Alex Cessford

Hi I'm Alex! A first year Journalism student at Lincoln but originally from Newcastle. I've always loved reading and that's shaped also my love for writing and sharing my experiences.

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Charlotte Emily Price

Hi I'm Charlotte and I'm a first year forensic science student. I love sharing my experiences through writing and hope to help current, and future students live the best university lifestyle possible. My other interests include reading, dancing and musical theatre. I've also been writing my own personal blog for 4 years and create Youtube videos too!

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Josh Brown

Hi! I'm Josh and I've just finished studying a Media, Film and Television MA. I have a passion for film, having written, produced and directed short fiction projects. I also have a love for travel, and have made documentaries in China and Vietnam. I love filmmaking, but also enjoy football and reading. And pizza.

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Andrew Shaw

Freelance journalist. Recently graduated from the University of Lincoln. Contributor for the Huffington Post, The National Student and Blasting News.

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Angus Ayling

Hi! My name's Gus and I'm a third year Media Production BA student at Lincoln, but also work as a Video Support Assistant for Student Life and Digital Education. I help film, edit and video blog videos from myself and the rest of the Student Life team. My interests include Travel, Education and Films.

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