What to do when you move to Uni

There is lots to do when you move to university for your first year, from unpacking and decorating to meeting…

There is lots to do when you move to university for your first year, from unpacking and decorating to meeting your flatmates and making new friends.

The new year at the University of Lincoln starts on September 14th, so there isn’t long to wait! Here’s a few things to keep in mind for your big move-in day.

Unpack and decorate

The first thing to do is the obvious one. Unpack your bags (all of them).

Move-in day is a busy one, but it’s also a rewarding one too.

Once you’ve unpacked all your things and started hanging up your clothes, it’s time to decorate your new room.

Your room is your home for the year at university. It’s important to decorate it how you like, to make it feel like your own.

I printed off lots of pictures before I came to Lincoln and put them up on my pinboard when I arrived. It helped my new room feel like home!

Get to know your flatmates

Once you’ve decorated and organised your room, it’s time to leave your room and head to the kitchen.

Why? To meet your new flatmates.

I was in a flat of ten in my first year at Lincoln, and we did lots of group activities during Freshers Week (we’ll get to that later) to get to know each other.

Making friends with your flatmates is a great way of settling in at university, and your first few days in Lincoln is a great chance.

Get the first food shop in

Don’t forget, you do need to eat while you’re at university.

There are plenty of shops near the university’s accommodation buildings, like a big Tesco, small Tesco, Iceland and Morrisons.

That first food shop can come as a shock to some. It’s a step into the independence you will have at university.

As well as your food, you’ll need to get toiletries, washing-up liquid and utensils. The essentials.

Freshers and Welcome Week

Now, Freshers and Welcome Week. They’re both great, for different reasons.

Freshers Week is really fun, one of the best ways to get to know new people and a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the university life.

The University of Lincoln has a very varied Freshers Week, organised by the Students’ Union. From Bongo’s Bingo and club nights to fayres and quizzes.

As well as the well-known Freshers Week, your first week at university also has lots of Welcome Week events. This will let you get used to the campus, settle into the course and get ready for the start of term.

Also, don’t forget Freshers Fayre. It’s the place to go if you’re in need of some freebies.

Moving into university comes with its challenges, but it’s more than worth it. These few tips will help you make that transition and remember the key things you need to do when you move into your new home away from home.

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