How to treat yourself after exams

It is very important to make sure you celebrate your achievements once finishing the academic year! Here are some ways…

It is very important to make sure you celebrate your achievements once finishing the academic year!

Here are some ways I made sure to treat myself after all my hard work this year in finishing my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling!

Dinner and a night out

Perhaps an obvious one but me and my course mates had a celebratory trip to Nando’s along the Brayford on the evening of our final deadline and had some drinks afterwards at The Mailbox and Be at One.

This was a nice way to end the year as we all were so relieved to finish the year and this trip was a nice way to say goodbye to everyone for the summer!

Day trip to the beach

My housemates and I drove to Skegness Beach and spent the day enjoying the sunny weather as Skegness is only about an hour by car or two by bus (there is a direct bus – Stagecoach).

We enjoyed ourselves and had some fish and chips along the beach and walked along the pier, this was a nice trip as it was very different to the usual sights of Lincoln which we usually explore.

We also visited a local trampoline park which was a very fun activity to do together as there were foam pits, obstacles, and interactive games!

A trip to the cinema

With two big cinemas in Lincoln, I enjoy visiting the cinema, particularly the Odeon as I find it better value for money, I recently watched Fast X with a course mate and we both enjoyed ourselves!

The cinema is a great way to relax, empty your mind and enjoy yourself after a few weeks of stress and revision!

Especially during the summer, the cinema is a good way of avoiding the sun if it gets too hot, and the air conditioning is always a lifesaver!

Pottery painting

I enjoy visiting the ‘Little Pottery Studio’ at St Mark’s as this is a nice way to relax with friends and take home some hand-painted pottery!

Most recently I have made an owl mug and a flower plate which I love using as I think they are really sweet.

Pottery is such a great mindfulness activity as the venue plays calming background music and has a peaceful environment for yourself or you and your mates to enjoy!

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