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Things To Do if You Can’t Go Home this Christmas

Can't go home this Christmas? Here's a list of activities to do in Lincoln instead!

It’s that time of the year again when our feeds are filled with posts about “going home for the holidays” and saying goodbye to our friends as they journey home to celebrate Christmas. But…what about those of us who can’t travel home for the holidays, whose homes are thousands of miles away and flight tickets cost a fortune? Well guess what, you can still have a blast and celebrate Christmas away from home! Below is a list of things to do if you can’t go home this Christmas.

1. Have a Christmas Movie Binge

Stay in, pop on some comfy pjs, order takeout, invite some friends over (or not) and binge watch your favourite Christmas movies; I mean that sounds like a day well-spent to me! Some popular Christmas classics you can stream online include: Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, It’s A Wonderful Life and more! (It doesn’t HAVE to be Christmas movies; perhaps now’s the perfect time for you to finally binge that series you’ve been eyeing.)

2. Potluck Dinner

The best and cheapest way to have a plentiful Christmas dinner is by organising a pot-luck! Gather a few of your friends who also aren’t travelling home and get each person to bring a dish of their choice. You could cook, you could takeaway…regardless, you’ll have a delicious spread of food to enjoy with your chosen family.

3. Video Call Friends/Family Back Home

Being faraway from home doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with your loved ones! Schedule a video call and meetup with the gang virtually. Have Christmas dinner together, pour yourselves some drinks and catch up on life. You could also play games on video call, such as Trivia, Pictionary, Charades, Never Have I Ever or even Scavenger Hunt, where players are given a limited time to find a specific item in their home.

4. Explore Local Holiday Sights

Wrap up in your favourite sweater and go for a walk about the town. Be mesmerised by the twinkling lights at Castle Square, grab a drink at Thor’s tipi bar, shop till you drop at Christmas markets and meet Santa at the Waterside Santa Grotto; there’s much to do and see within Lincoln itself! Check out the “visitlincoln” site here for dozens of Christmas activities happening right at your doorstep.

5. Continue Christmas Traditions – Or Make New Ones!

Whether it’s setting up the tree, cooking a specific dish, writing Christmas cards or singing carols, continuing your family traditions in your new home is a great way to get you into the festive mood…and if you don’t have a Christmas tradition, start a new one! Get creative and have fun.

6. Meet Friends through Umii

If you hate the thought of spending Christmas alone, Umii is an excellent way for you to meet new friends in Lincoln. Simply download the app, select your university, course and interests, create your profile and start matching with new friends in the area! We’re so quick to use dating apps for love, so why not use it for friendship? You’ve got nothing to lose 😉 Visit their website here for more information or to download the app:

7. Get Involved in the Community

Whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter, food bank or charity shop, getting involved in the community will guarantee you a meaningful Christmas and new friendships with similar-minded people. A quick Google search will grant you a list of local organisations and charities that need help this holiday season. After all, Christmas is the season of giving, so what better way to spend it than helping others.

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