How To Reward Yourself

After spending weeks and months working so hard on assignments and assessments for university, now is the perfect time for…

After spending weeks and months working so hard on assignments and assessments for university, now is the perfect time for you to give yourself the space to reward yourself. Though you may have studies coming up in the future, or other goals, it is important to acknowledge your accomplishments and give yourself the credit you deserve. Here are a few of my suggestions on how you can reward yourself for all of that hard work!


Food, though obviously a necessity, can also be the perfect reward after a long slog of work. You can pick the dishes you’re craving from your favourite takeaway, you can spend an afternoon baking that sweet treat you’ve been meaning to try, or you can make an outing of it and head to your favourite restaurant for the evening. This is a chance for you to indulge in things you might not usually have either with friends or by yourself – either way, treat yourself to your favourite treats!

A plate of burger and chips to reward yourself with.


Another reward option could instead be a trip! A chance to get away to a new place, or a place you know you like, can be a great reward. Whether it’s a day in London to see a musical, a weekend away in a novel-esque cottage, or a full-on fortnight abroad in the sun, the options are endless and you can tailor everything to your preferences. Again, this is something you can do solo, but it is also perfect to do with friends if you want to split the costs, meaning you have more to spend whilst you’re there!

A passport and suitcase for someone taking a trip away from Lincoln

Self-Care Time

If you’re more introverted, a reward centred around alone time might be better suited to you. This could include a day of pampering yourself in a bath with Lush products and a face mask, or simply spending the day on the sofa (or just in bed) whilst binge-watching your favourite films or TV show! This is ideal if you feel like you need solitude from the rush of all that hard work, so you can take things are your own pace for a day – or long weekend – without the weight of deadlines hanging over you!

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Pure Celebration!

Or, if you fancy the complete opposite of solitude and want to make an event out of your reward, throw a party! Get all your friends together for the purpose of celebrating all the things you’ve achieved together over the academic year, and because you’ve all been through it together you can make some amazing memories as you all relish in the same feelings of accomplishment. Whether it be at someone’s home or if you hire out a venue for your soiree, let yourselves enjoy every loud, wild second!

Whatever you choose to do, remember that you truly do deserve to be rewarded after all the hard work you’ve put in academically, and personally, for getting through another year at university. When you’re in the throes of it, it’s easy to forget that education at this level is a real challenge, and it’s a great achievement to actually get through to the other side of it. So go wild and reward yourself however you most desire, because you deserve it!

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