Benefits of Doing a Graduate Scheme

Are you a final year university student applying for graduate jobs? Have you also thought about applying for graduate schemes? Read on to find out more about the benefits of doing a graduate scheme. 

It’s time to start using your degree, and joining a graduate scheme is a great way to gain invaluable practical experience. Whether you have a clear career direction in your mind, still deciding what to do or are just keen on starting work – this could be the best way to start your career without you being thrown into the deep end straight away.

Graduation Ceremony for University of Lincoln Students at Lincoln Cathedral.

On the job-training and support

As a graduate entering the world of work can be challenging, there is always lots to learn and everything is new to you. Graduate schemes are specifically designed with all these things in mind, which means that they provide an extensive amount of training, support and guidance to help you start your career and also learn the essential skills you need to be a successful employee at work. This could range from training sessions on communication, one-to-one mentoring as well as feedback from a senior manager. Many schemes also offer the opportunity to gain professional qualifications while you work such as a Master’s, PhD or an industry-recognised course.

Job security

Graduate schemes are offered on a fixed-term basis that usually lasts between one and three years. This means you are able to benefit from a high level of job security in a role that allows you to learn and grow at the same time. These schemes are designed to train graduates and the structure of the scheme means you will become qualified and experienced in order for you to pursue more advanced roles.

Variety of choices and global opportunities

Graduate schemes are available in almost every industry in a variety of sectors and you definitely will not be limited to choice. Opportunities involve a large amount of diversity meaning you will get to work and build relationships in all areas of the industry. In addition, some big industries allow employees who are on the graduate scheme to work in offices all over the world, meaning you will not only be able to try something new and exciting but also you will gain valuable life experiences and skills, and even a whole new network of contacts at the same time.

High earning potential

Graduate schemes offer lucrative salaries, especially within large industries. New graduates could be expecting to earn an average of £25k straight after finishing university, which is always expected to rise as you build up your experience. Graduates can also benefit from a range of company perks – such as private healthcare, holiday allowances or even your own company car.  

If you are definitely interested in applying for a graduate scheme, then you can start looking at a range of websites including Indeed, Gradcracker and Glassdoor. More information about the type of roles offered for graduate schemes for the different industries can be found here:

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