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Festive Movie Nights

It's time to bring out that microwave popcorn, cuddle down with a blanket and have a festive movie night.

Top 5 Festive Film Suggestions

Home Alone

Home Alone is the story of a young boy, Kevin, who gets accidentally left at home over Christmas by his family. Kevin has to fend for himself and protect the house from robbers until his mother can return to him. This film is a comedy, filled with slap-stick humour and lighthearted jokes, perfect for anyone who needs a good laugh.

A laptop set up watching the movie Home Alone, Coca Cola (Coke) in the foreground and a brightly lit Christmas tree in the background.


Another comedy, Elf follows Buddy (Will Ferrell) a human brought up to believe he is an elf. Buddy learns that he is a human and visits New York to find his father to help him get off of the naughty list. However, Buddy soon learns that the human world is nothing like what he thought it would be. This film is full of hilarious stunts, heartwarming stories, and holiday cheer!

Elf on the shelf sitting in front of a Christmas tree.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A bit of a controversial opinion, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely a Christmas film! If you’re interested in an animated Disney musical, with phenomenal music from Danny Elfman, and a touching story about finding your place in the world, then this film is for you! The movie opens up in Halloween town, where we meet Jack Skellington. Jack has become bored with the repetitiveness of Halloween, but when he discovers Christmas, he makes it his goal to share the joy with his fellow Halloween town citizens. However, this leads to Christmas going wrong and Santa being captured. Can Jack put everything right and truly be happy with Halloween?

A scarecrow pumpkin dressed up as Santa. In the background is a building decorated for Halloween.

The Santa Clause

What would you do if you accidentally became Santa Claus? Scott Calvin, an ordinary man, accidentally causes the death of Santa on Christmas Eve. To save Christmas, Scott and his son take the sleigh and deliver the remaining presents. This act causes Scott to have accidentally signed the ‘Santa Clause’ meaning he is the new Santa. We follow Scott as he takes on this new role and works with his elves to bring Christmas to the world.

Santa giving a young boy a present.

A Christmas Carol

Originally written by Charles Dickens, this story has been retold time and time again, a truly timeless tale. The story follows Scrooge, a grumpy man who hates Christmas. After the death of his business partner, Scrooge is visited by his ghost along with three other spirits of Part, Present, and Yet to Come. As Scrooge is haunted, we learn the origins of his hatred for the season and discover what will happen if he continues this path. But will Scrooge change his mind about the festive season?

Sheet music for the Christmas carol, Silent Night.

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