Best Places For A Picnic In Lincoln

With the warmer weather finally arriving, it is time to dust off your blankets, baskets and tupperware now that picnic…

With the warmer weather finally arriving, it is time to dust off your blankets, baskets and tupperware now that picnic season is finally here!

After you have all been studying so hard for so long, this is exactly the time when you can unwind, spend time with your friends, or indeed do it alone if you fancy some “you-time” post-exam! This article is going to reveal some of the best places in Lincoln to lay down your blanket and enjoy a picnic this summer, all of which I have personally enjoyed during my time in Lincoln.

Liquorice Park

This park, located just up from the B1273 (Yarborough Rd) is a really nice natural spot for relaxing, and in my opinion, it offers one of the best views of Lincoln you can get. Though the walk up to the viewpoint is a bit steep, when you get up there it is totally worth it. There are plenty of spots throughout the park perfect for laying down your blanket, and it is a truly idyllic place with lush nature all around you. Aka, the perfect picnic spot!

The Arboretum

Located just off Monk’s Road is the beautiful Arboretum, which in my opinion is just one of the best natural spots in Lincoln. With plenty of seating as well as vast space in the sun, the shade, and a few sheltering bandstands, this place offers you a wealth of options for enjoying your picnic. Also, due to it being such a huge space, that means it’s highly unlikely anyone will encroach on your space – also, it allows space for games if you and your friends fancy a classic one like frisbee!

The Brayford Platform

This quaint platform on the Brayford is a great place for a picnic! It’s one of the best locations possible for giving you a view of our wonderful Brayford Pool, along with all our lovely avian inhabitants (though make sure you keep a watchful eye on your sandwiches!).

You can enjoy watching the range of boats passing by, and you can do some people-watching too! Also with there being a Tesco nearby, you can top up on any of your picnic supplies whenever you want – you never know, you might end up making your picnic a full-day event!

The Castle Grounds

This space has to be one of the best for a picnic, as long as you’re willing to make the steep walk up the hill! The grounds of the castle, rather like the Arboretum, offer a wonderfully spacious area with ample seating, and spaces in the sun and the shade. Also if you want a little break from your picnic you could walk the castle walls, or pop over and have a look around the Cathedral! Whatever you choose to do, there’s no doubt it’s an absolutely gorgeous space.

After finishing your studies, there is honestly nothing better I can think of than unwinding with a good picnic and good friends, and you can consider it the first of your many celebrations, which you all absolutely deserve! So go out there, and enjoy picnicking!

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