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Tips For Those Starting Exercising

At the beginning of a new year, many of us tend to make resolutions, and the most common one of…

At the beginning of a new year, many of us tend to make resolutions, and the most common one of these is often to exercise more. However, if you haven’t the faintest idea of where or how to begin your journey into exercising, then this article will help to point you in the right direction!


Pilates is an exercise practice which focuses on stretches and techniques of balance that are intended to help look after your body and deal with pain. It’s a practice that’s especially useful for beginners or those who suffer particularly from joint and back pains. No doubt you can look for classes/courses in your local area, but if you go to the NHS channel on YouTube then you will find a wealth of tutorials and sessions that expand across a large spectrum of difficulties – you can find the introductory session here.

These kinds of practices are incredibly important to maintain alongside other exercise routines as well, because they can really help your body warm up and cool down after more intense sessions, ensuring you don’t end up with strains or other injuries.

The Gym & Professionals

It may seem intimidating, but going to your local gym and having a chat with the professionals there is the best thing to do if you want a proper exercise routine. Having the conversation about wanting will allow you to be able to think and be open about what you want to gain from the exercise. Do you want to lose weight, improve your stamina, improve your strength, or do you want to use it to help you de-stressing? Having these discussions with those at your local gym allows them to give you the best advice because they will know what kind of exercises and what kind of pace will be best suited to you as an individual.

Using the gym will give you access to all the kinds of equipment and apparatus you need, plus the gym space allows it to be social; so you can exercise with friends, or indeed make a new set of friends if you want to. Also, being at the gym will ensure your safety during your exercises, and being around those professionals will stop you from accidentally doing anything that will cause you harm (for instance over-working yourself). For all that a gym and its facilities give you, it’s worth investing in membership because of everything you can get out of it – including access to joining sports clubs if treadmills and rowing machines aren’t your things!

A Slower Pace

However if a specific routine isn’t your thing then that’s okay! If you simply want to get out more, then the best thing you can do is give yourself a regular walk, daily if possible. It can be for as little as fifteen minutes or for as long as two hours, you are your own boss and you are in charge of how much/little you want to do. Just creating that habit of getting out and stretching your legs can do you a world of good, and is just as valid a form of exercise as anything else.

The most important advice I can give for going into exercising in general though is that you must try your utmost not to compare yourself to other people. The healthiest way you can exercise is by identifying and sticking to why the exercise will be good for you, and why it will make you feel happier, fitter, or more confident. Your exercise is literally only about you, and you are the only person who has the authority to decide how you go about things. Keeping that mindset will not only help motivate you in your exercising journey, but it will also help keep your mental health on its own healthy stride.

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