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Best of: Physical health

It’s important to take care of your physical health to make the most out of uni so our student content creators have put together their best advice on keeping on top of it.

Fitness is a key aspect towards healthy life as health is the biggest wealth – Aayan

“Doing daily exercise can be a good option to remain active and happy in life. You don’t necessarily need to do exercise every day but if one follows exercise routines in a regular manner, it is definitely beneficial towards keeping mental health steady and physical well-being healthy.”

Going to the gym is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle – Sophie Hillman

“University of Lincoln Sports Centre – With only students and staff allowed to use the facilities, this on campus gym is the prime choice for students. Situated on the first floor of the sports centre, the workout area is fully air conditioned, and is equipped with the latest cardiovascular equipment that allow for iPhone and Android connectivity.”

For a full list of gyms in Lincoln, click here.

As long as you have room to move around a simple yoga mat will work – Lauren Jepson

“Doing a workout in the comfort of your own home feels so much less intimidating than going to the gym especially if you haven’t been before or are new to exercise. Don’t forget to do a little warm up first so you don’t hurt yourself and a stretch at the end will help your muscles recover better.”

An extremely simple tip would be to WALK EVERYWHERE – Charlotte Price

“One of the many wonders of Lincoln is that the communal factor is a huge benefit; all of our necessities are within walking distance so avoid hopping on public transport or driving your car less than a mile. You will end up saving a lot of money and staying active, without the strenuous task of ‘working out’ if you don’t like to break a sweat.”

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