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How to balance work and life at Uni

University is all about striking a balance between work and life. Between lectures and lively nights out, between seminars and…

University is all about striking a balance between work and life. Between lectures and lively nights out, between seminars and socialising.

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain the university workload alongside a vibrant student life, especially with a part-time job on the side. However, these five tips should help you strike that balance at the University of Lincoln.

Organise, organise, organise

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The key to maintaining a good work-life balance at uni (and maybe everywhere) is organisation. To-do lists, prioritisation and calendars all help you make a plan of what tasks you need to do and when you need to do them.

Organisation and planning tasks will mean you can get tasks done before their deadlines. And, it gives you time to do the things you enjoy too.

Keeping up with the Uni work

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Keeping on top of your workload at university is a real key to success, not just in your studies, but in your time at uni.

I talked about planning in my last section but sticking to those plans is the glue that holds it together. Organisation is a waste of time if you don’t stick to it.

To-do lists help me keep up-to-date with my work because I know exactly what I need to do each day.

Enjoying ‘uni life’

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Of course, university isn’t just about the work. It’s about everything that comes with it: the ‘university experience’.

Whether it’s going out with your flatmates, meeting new people or enjoying the Wednesday night ‘Quack’ club night, making the most of all the exciting things that come with uni is important.

Trying new things and getting to know new people comes with the territory of going to uni, so it’s something to embrace during your time in Lincoln.

Societies and sport

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Getting involved in societies and sport at university can be a good way to strike that work-life balance. It helps you stay active, meet new people and get involved in what might be a new sport or hobby.

It allows you to socialise with people who share a common interest, whether that be fellow-book readers in the Book Club or football fans in the university football team.

Enjoying the life side of what university offers is worthwhile and crucial if you are to get anything out of the work side of it.

Know when to say ‘no’

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Finally, striking a good work-life balance sometimes means saying ‘no’. You will have the opportunity to do all sorts of new and exciting things at university, but learning when to say ‘no’ is necessary.

You can’t do everything.

Sometimes you need to say ‘no’ to one thing so that you can say ‘yes’ to something more important to you. It’s about prioritising and realising how much capacity you have alongside your course.

So, with these few tips, your work-life balance while studying at the University of Lincoln should be more manageable, and hopefully, you enjoy every aspect that student life has to offer.

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