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How to reward yourself after an exam or assignment

It is so important to reward yourself after handing in an assignment or finishing an exam, especially as this time…

It is so important to reward yourself after handing in an assignment or finishing an exam, especially as this time can become so overwhelming and once one assignment is over, it is so easy to move onto the next one without celebrating your achievement!

Here are a few favourite ways I choose to celebrate after an exam or an assignment deadline!

Bottomless Brunch

I enjoy having nice food and cocktails with friends as a form of celebration as this is a great way to spend a day day-drinking and enjoying the nice weather.

Lots of places provide bottomless brunch in Lincoln but two of my favourite places are The Botanist and Slug and Lettuce!

The average bottomless brunch is around £30-35 which could be rather expensive for some, however you do get food, and unlimited drinks for the set time, so it is worth the price if you are someone who enjoys cocktails and can get your money’s worth!

Going out for dinner

I also enjoy having dinner at the majority of the places to eat along the Brayford, especially as most offer some form of student discount!

Going out for dinner is a nice way to relax and unwind in the evening which makes a change from many evenings and nights spent revising or writing essays!

Movie night with snacks

Depending upon how many exams or assignments I have over a short period, I also enjoy celebrating in ways that are relatively inexpensive so that I can celebrate each time but also whilst being careful of my spending.

Movie nights are cheap as the only cost is the snack selection I choose, which can be from as little as a bar of chocolate!


Lincoln has lots of hair salons or nail parlours where I enjoy looking after myself after a stressful period.

Sometimes I choose to paint my nails at home with a candle alight for self-care, but other times I enjoy getting my nails done professionally.

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