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Alternative ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Years and drinking a little too much seems to go hand-in-hand, but if you don’t want to drink this New Year’s Eve, there are so many other ways you can celebrate the night.

Family Time

Why not spend it with your family? Forget the stress of planning a big night out and try a chilled night in with your close family, watching a nice film and the countdown on TV at midnight. A few hugs and kisses later, you’ll be in the new year with a clean, fresh mind, ready to face the year ahead. Not to mention, I’m sure your parents will have missed you, so it might be nice for you to spend this time with them!

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Going out with friends

If you do decide to go out with your friends, that’s okay too!

On every night out there’s a great term used for the ‘designated non-drinker’, and that’s ‘mum’! The one who looks after everyone.

Now, you might hate the idea of panicking over who is where, how much everyone’s drank and who has to be up at 8am the next day for work, but I know that your lucky friends will appreciate it – and you might even find that you enjoy it! Have fun, party for the new year and feel proud that you’re being a good friend!

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Host a Party

Finally, if you’re really feeling adventurous and festive this year – host a party. (Please check with your housemates/parents before you invite a load of people over!)

If you’re willing to sacrifice your home for one night, a great way to have fun and stay sober is to actually host the party. Think about it – you get to play your own music, you won’t actually have to spend that much money, and all your closest friends and family are with you for the new year – what more could you want?

You could even supply some tasty mocktails – simple recipes are easy to find on BBC Good Food.

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The point is, there are thousands of ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve whatever you decide to do. Make sure you check out those recipes, and have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!