Healthy Snacks For Students

Often when you’re working hard as a student a lot of things don’t get prioritised as much as they should,…

Often when you’re working hard as a student a lot of things don’t get prioritised as much as they should, and one of these things in particular is healthy eating. You may feel at times that you don’t have the energy to prepare a full meal for yourself, or maybe it just slips your mind! This article is going to go into a range of healthy snack options you can try, from various areas of the sweet & savoury scale, which I feel are great to have on hand so you’re getting all the important nourishment and energy you need!

Soul Fruit

Soul Fruit are a company who have created a variety of fruit-based snacks, coming both in crunchy and chewy variations. Their fruit is purely solar fried using renewable energy, everything is gluten-free, vegan, carbon neutral, and they offer a subscription service with many of their products, as well as the option for one-off purchases. You can explore all their fruity products at their website here:

Creative Nature

The goal of Creative Nature is for people with any allergies or intolerances to be able to enjoy a wide range of great-tasting food. Therefore they have created products which are “top 14 allergen free”, as well as vegan, meaning that nobody needs to be left out when it comes to the realm of snacking! They enforce strict procedures in all of their facilities to make sure that their products are fully allergen (and trace) free, and this applies to all their baking mixes, bundles, snack bars, and other kinds of superfoods! You can explore everything they have on their website here:

Flower and White

Flower and White have a huge range of treats with meringue, chocolate, mallow, and other sweet elements! All their products are either vegetarian or vegan, their meringues are gluten-free, and all their chocolate is ethically sourced, and on all UK orders, there is no fee for delivery! Also, as a student, you are also entitled to 25% percent off which makes these treats even more affordable for you, and you can discover everything they have on their website here:


This independent British company started making snacks when one of the founders (Ann Perkins) found they couldn’t eat gluten or dairy, because they just didn’t want to miss out on having access to a proper range of snacks which genuinely tasted good. As a result, their ethical snack bars are all vegan, gluten-free, palm oil free, and each product is advertised conscientiously with all ingredients, nutritional & allergen information attached. You can see what they have on their website here:

It’s undeniable that regular healthy eating improves both your physical and mental health, and so if you want to have the energy and focus you need for your studies and day-to-day life these snacks could really help you keep things balanced. However, if you’re finding it difficult to manage an eating schedule, afford food, or are having any other issues then please do talk to Student Wellbeing, because they will be able to either support you, or inform you or where to go/who to talk to receive that best help. You can contact them via e-mail at or by phone at 01522 886400 – please don’t hesitate to reach out, and I wish you all happy snacking!

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