Food Surprise- Magic Box

Do you remember your childhood, old school days where a magician used to touch a box with his wand, coming up with something special out of it?

In this article, I will show you how you can get a mysterious box that can bring you awesome food and the magic is- you don’t know what you are gonna get until you open the box. One can easily receive this magic box from shops and restaurants like Greggs, Morrison, Asda, Ritz, Spar and Lidl.

What is this Magic Box?

Every day few kg of delicious, fresh food goes to waste from cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, and manufacturers – just because it hasn’t sold in time. Too good to go is a service that comes in form of an app, it helps to utilize this food before it’s binned and is handed over to people at a cheap price.

It is a container which carries a variety of fresh delicious foods, snakes, deserts and so on in it with a small price. Magic box offers this food which is completely fine and fresh. This awesome offer can be accessed with just a couple of quid, often 3 to 4 pounds and the process is so easy that anyone can order it with the help of a smartphone.  

What is inside?

Inside this surprising box, one finds a variety of foods such as bread, sandwich, dessert, pie, and so on. The variety is huge in number and diverse in taste!

Generally, the variety depends on the shop or the restaurant. In restaurants, the magic box most would likely carry part of meals and similar food whereas in shops, the magic box can contain anything like snacks and chips. But you are guaranteed to get fresh tasty food.

How to get one and where-

To get a magic box from a nearby local shop all you need to do is follow these few steps-

  • First download the ”Too good to go” app and make an account providing with your details.
  • When you are done , you will see available magic boxes from different shops and restaurants nearby.
  • Select one of them and book by paying just couple of pounds.
  • Make sure you remember your collection time.
  • Pick up your box at your scheduled time and enjoy your fresh tasty food.

Benefits of the Magic Box-

  • They reduce wastage of food as usually in the UK 1.96 kg of daily food is being binned every day.
  • They help local communities stand against hunger providing cheap food for people
  • This makes quality food available at a very cheap price.

Role of Magic box in Student/Uni life

  • The magic box is no doubt an economically friendly option for saving pocket money. So with this saved money, a student can do many more interesting things by just buying a magic box for a meal.
  • Another plus point of this is that you can share the whole food box with roommate or house mates which is really fun.

After all, when you are buying a box you are cheerfully and actively participating in the Food waste movement and contributing to a better, hunger-free society.

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