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Best of: Get to know Campus

As a Uni of Lincoln student it’s important for you to know all the best things our Campus has to offer!

The atmosphere is so friendly for focus and study – Aayan

“Have you tried the biomedical library as your study space? If not, give it a try next time; it is beautiful with plants and wall designs. You will want to continue studying there. Did you know that more than 40% of the electrical power consumed in this building is solar power? (You may see some black solar panels, placed in the roof if you look up before you enter the building).”

The Students’ Union has a lot of services that students are free to benefit from – Rachel

“You can now hire bicycles from the SU for a small price. It’s very easy to do so! You just book a slot online between 9am-11am that day, you then pay and collect your bike on campus at the Cycle Hire centre.”

I knew Lincoln was right for me from my first open day – Beth

“Something that was really important to me was how close amenities were to where I would be living and studying. In Lincoln, this really isn’t an issue.”

Looking for different study spaces? There are tonnes! – Aayan

“There is a number of study desk setup available for student in the Atrium in there in the ground floor, which makes INB a good option for studying. In this space, you can attend meetings and group discussions as well. You will find a café at the centre where a variety of food and drinks are made available for pupils and staff.”

For other study space ideas, read Aayan’s article here

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