Prank Ideas For April Fool’s Day 2023

In my opinion, April Fool’s Day is a fascinating day. Unlike many of the unique commemorative, named days we have…

In my opinion, April Fool’s Day is a fascinating day. Unlike many of the unique commemorative, named days we have in the calendar, April’s Fool’s Day doesn’t seem to have one singular origin story.

In addition, it is a day that spans all geography, religion and culture, and as a result is celebrated by countless countries across the world, uniting us altogether in mischief as we prank the people we care for around us! Something I personally like to keep in mind with pranks is the phrase “amuse, don’t abuse”, since ultimately you want your pranks to be fun so nobody gets hurt!

In that spirit, here are a few pranking suggestions for our upcoming April Fool’s Day!

Clingfilm Across Doorways

If you want to give someone a rather embarrassing (but of course hilarious) surprise, then putting clingfilm across a doorway is a great way to do it! All you need is some clingfilm, some sellotape, and an available doorframe (though to make it easier you may need a friend to help you!).

All you need do is stretch your clingfilm taut across the doorway, so it’s barely visible, before taping it in place on the doorframe and calling your unsuspecting victim. If you call them urgently enough they’ll likely walk right into the barrier at some speed too, and hilarity shall ensue!

Classic Jump-Scare

A classic jump scare can come in any form you want it to, and the versatility of it is what makes it such a great classic prank! You can hide behind a door, inside a closet, around a corner, and you can add props or masks to the mix if you want to! This is by far the easiest prank to carry out if you don’t want to engage in some elaborate scheme, and no matter how many times you do it it just never gets old!


With the age of the internet there have come many unique jokes and references, but where pranking is concerned there is nothing greater than the Rick-Roll. You can hide the link to the infamous music video in almost anything, using the pretence of saying it’s funny meme from Instagram or TikTok – again, this is a prank you can often get away with time and time again, and you can even go all out and prank people on mass!

One little video upload online with an altered thumbnail can draw lots of people in, and you can start the video off as something completely different too, before landing them with the Rick-Roll!

Precarious Flour

I’d say this is one for the more seasoned prankster, because it’s a prank that requires quite a lot of care and patience (and you have to be ready for a bit of mess afterwards!). All you need is a bag of flour and a raised cupboard (usually found in a kitchen) with a couple of shelves. Somehow, with the flour bag open, you must balance it carefully in the cupboard so that when closed, the cupboard door is all that keep the flour from tipping out. Then the next person to open it, ideally your victim, will be met with quite the surprise!

All of these pranks are well known, and for good reason, since they’re so reliable. However if none of these tempt your fancy then do not fear, for the internet will undoubtedly have hundreds (if not thousands) of prank ideas available for you to peruse!

From all of us as Student Life we wish you all a happy, mischievous (and safe) April Fool’s Day, and if you record any successful pranks then feel free to tag us on social media @uolstudentlife – have fun!

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