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Positive state of mind

Hope and sense of humour are the most powerful ways to feel good about ourselves and our future. 

Hope encourages positive thinking. It connects us with our dreamed future. It relieves stress when we are going through a difficult time. Hope makes us feel calm. Hope is full of love and optimism. Sense of humour changes the way we see our problems. It distances us from our worries.

What is your state of mind? What emotions, feelings are you experiencing? What thoughts run through your head? 

Our state of mind is the way we feel or what mood we are in. Our emotions are temporary reactions to events or thoughts. In one day we can feel happiness, joy, sadness and anger. 

Our mind is a powerful part of us that allows us to think, feel emotions and make sense of the world around us. To feel, to remember, to make decisions, to reason, to imagine, to think critically are few of many cognitive processes happening in our brain.  

To have positive mindset means not giving into our negative emotions and learning how to manage these. 

Being hopeful makes us face, challenge and overcome our fears. Fear knocks our confidence. To have hope is to believe in yourself. To believe we have all we need to achieve what we want. Pay attention to your inner dialogue. Are you kind to yourself with your thoughts? Are you recognising what you are good at? Or are you bringing yourself down? 

Think of what makes you laugh. Find your sense of humour. Use your imagination. Have fun with yourself. Imagine the guy sitting opposite you in the library is wearing the funniest hat on earth. 

Positive psychology focuses on exploring values needed to have a fulfilling life. Life full of meaning. It encourages acceptance of our past in order to focus and feel optimistic about our future. It teaches us how to practice and maintain a positive frame of mind. 

Positive emotions, feelings and strengths are crucial in our journey through life. They balance our negative emotions. We all experience both. Every day we learn how to manage our emotions. The frustration we feel first time we are late to a lecture because our housemate was having a shower. 

To think critically is a skill we need and learn throughout our academic journey. Critical and creative thinking go well together. To think creatively is to find new ways and solutions. Wake up your creative mind. The purpose of art is to encourage thinking. To find new ways of expressing yourself.

David Bowie sings ‘fill your heart with love today, don’t play the game of time, things that happened in the past only happened in your mind’. These lyrics are telling us to experience positive emotions, to not get stuck on past events, and to think positively about the future.

Dream Big. Make things happen. Always have hope. Be patient. Find a good joke. Laugh. Listen to music. Work hard and be kind. 

Please note: This content was created prior to Coronavirus, and some things might be different due to current laws and restrictions. Please refer to Government advice and the University of Lincoln for the latest information.

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