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As someone who has started to follow a predominantly vegetarian diet, I have started to learn how to cook some…

As someone who has started to follow a predominantly vegetarian diet, I have started to learn how to cook some vegetarian recipes which I thought I would share to celebrate ‘world environment day’ on the 5th and ‘fresh veggies day’ on the 16th of June.

I enjoy making similar meals as before when I ate meat, but instead using meat-free alternatives.


Before I started eating vegetarian foods I would enjoy making chicken or beef burgers for dinner.

However, this is something I have been able to maintain as vegetarian and vegan brands such as ‘Linda McCartney’ and ‘Quorn’ make amazing and tasty alternatives which I love just as much!

I especially love the Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers as they contain pockets of cheese for added flavour, I enjoy going to the Lidl bakery and getting a fresh crusty roll for my burger to sit in alongside some fresh salad and chips! These can be found in most supermarkets.

For chicken burgers, Quorn offer a frozen takeaway range of vegan chicken burgers with a southern fried coating, which is very delicious to have for tea! These can be found in Iceland and taste even better with some melted cheese.


I used to always enjoy pasta dishes with beef mince or chicken added to them to the flavour of the meal.

However, more recently I have discovered how meat-free options can be just as tasty!

Quorn mince is an alternative which cooks from frozen on the hob in just ten minutes, this ensures I am eating a more substantial meal than just singular pasta but also means I can have a meat-free meal.

I enjoy pairing this with cheese and some garlic pizza bread on the side to dip into the mince and tomato sauce.

As a chicken substitute, I also enjoy now chopping up vegetarian chicken pieces ad using them in my pasta dish.


Linda McCartney and Richmond provide vegetarian sausages with a range of flavours on offer!

I enjoy this variety and always find new ways to incorporate them into my meals, for instance chopping them up into my pasta dishes, having a roast dinner with roast potatoes and vegetables, or having hotdogs!

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