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Where to look for dissertation stats?

The University has an array of trusted help available tailored to whatever you may need to assist with your dissertation…

The University has an array of trusted help available tailored to whatever you may need to assist with your dissertation statistics. It doesn’t only have to be used for statistics, however it is a great practice to know the help available for when you need it!

The dissertation stats help is located on the library website and accessible via this link.

What can I find on the Library website?

There are many statistics resources available, depending on what you’re looking for. There’s relevant terminology definitions, types of statistical tests along with advice on how to choose them, as well as book suggestions and a collection of external resources. There’s even sample data sets available which are perfect if you’re wanting to get in a bit of practice to improve your confidence.

Going onto the rubric, the website further explains the different types of stats tests, which are great to refer to when planning how you’re going to evaluate your data for your dissertation, along with how to correctly explain and reference them for your methodology section.

Workshops and appointments

Along with these, there’s also a range of workshops available to sign up for on the website, known as MASH (Maths and Stats Help). However, if you’re needing the information quickly or want a bit of practice, there’s a selection of files and worksheets incorporated into the MASH workshops which are available to view as needed.

You can also request a MASH appointment. These run both online and in-person and can be booked via the website. Once you submit a request detailing the assistance required, the team member will then match you with an advisor who can support your query. They offer one-to-one, relaxed advice and are useful for if you’re stuck on some maths or stats in your studies or just need a little guidance on your next steps.

They also have a twitter account (@MASH_UoL), where available appointment times are updated and additional help is regularly posted, along with help hints and tips. There’s also a video on the website which details all of the resources available, an introduction to the team and where to find them in the library.

In addition to this, there’s maths and numeracy external resource support, along with guidance on how to install both Rstudio and SPSS.

MASH is the perfect, go-to resource for everything regarding maths and statistics and should be your first port of call when looking at planning how to interpret and present your collected data!

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