Forest Walkway

Lincoln’s brilliant green spaces

When it’s this cold and dreary outside it might seem a little early to be thinking of staying outside any longer than it takes to run into a nice, warm uni building.

But, since some sunny days have started to appear to replace the stormy ones, we think it’s a great time to talk about the beautiful green spaces we have both on and off-campus here in Lincoln. From the walk along the bank of the Brayford pool running alongside campus buildings, to the stunning Arboretum at the opposite end of the city, this list will show some of the beautiful green spots around the city – both spots you know well and others that may have gone unnoticed.

The Brayford Pool Path

Lincoln Brayford

The beautiful walk from the university campus and up towards the high street is a smaller but equally beautiful green spot right along our university campus. Lined with benches to sit and take in the fresh air, this area is perfect for sitting out with mates or getting some work done between lectures. Plus, when the cygnets and ducklings start to hatch, getting to watch them learning to swim on the water is one of the best parts of springtime in this city.

Liquorice Park

Liquorice park

This slightly more hidden space is just off West Parade, on Yarborough Road, and has a brilliant view over the city, even on a grey day. The little path from the bottom entrance takes you up past the community herb garden and up to a little clearing to see out over the whole city below you. The whole mini nature park is packed with plants and flowers, making it well worth the walk.

The Cathedral Grounds and the Usher Gallery Grounds

Lincoln Cathedral

If you’re brave enough to make the climb up Steep Hill, the grounds of the Cathedral underneath the sunshine are beautiful and peaceful. Walking around the side of the building along from the main entrance takes you to the tree-filled grounds, the perfect place to stop and get your breath back for a little while. A little further back down the hill, the Usher Gallery sits just up and off the junction that leads to Monks Road, opposite the Collection. This spot has its own garden filled with beautiful statues, and benches for a break after a visit to the two brilliant museums of Lincoln’s cultural quarter.

Lincoln Arboretum

Lincoln arboretum

The beautiful nineteenth-century park is open every day between seven in the morning and ten in the evening, featuring two ponds, gardens that change with the season and its Victorian bandstand at the centre. This park is one of the biggest areas of open green space in the city, with gates at the top of the gardens accessible at the junction of Lindum Terrace and Sewell road, and its main gates halfway down Monks Road (next to its tea rooms).

There are so many green spaces to visit this spring and summer, so stay hydrated, find your new favourite place in Lincoln and have fun exploring!