Best of: Living in student accommodation

For many students uni is the first time when you have to live away from your family and this can be a little daunting. So our student content creators have written about their experiences, living at uni accommodation, to help settle your nerves.

You will meet a whole lot of new people, not just your flatmates – Rebecca Garbutt

“Get used to walking into your kitchen and finding more people than you’ve bargained for. Whether it’s between lectures or in the evening, you may find that your flat becomes the stop off for quick cups of tea or maybe something a bit stronger before a night out. This is a great way to meet new people, but make sure you let your flatmates know if you’re having people to stay.”

Pizza! – Katie

“Pretty much everyone loves pizza, so be sure to use that as a way to get to know people, I highly suggest ordering a Dominos on the first night in the flat with everyone – it will get you off to a great start!”

You will form friendships unlike any before – Rebecca Garbutt

“I really cannot count the number of times I have spat my tea all over the laminate floor, squealing in hysterics, choreographing dances to Countdown in my pyjamas. Even if your flatmates don’t go out much, trust me when I say that your flat will establish a unique nightlife all of its own.”

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