Cinemas in Lincoln

Lincoln has two cinemas both in the city centre close to campus which comes in handy when wanting to go and see a film.

Lincoln has two cinemas both in the city centre close to campus which comes in handy when wanting to go and see a film either with friends or on your own!

Cinemas also run evens such as Operas or musical events, so it is worth checking the websites to see what else is on at the cinema other than new film releases!

The Odeon

I enjoy visiting the Odeon cinema as its reasonably priced (with student discounted tickets), comfortable seating and great snacks on sale!

It is very handy having the Odeon along the Brayford right by campus. I have always thought it could be a nice idea to go with course mates as a study break or a reward for handing in an assignment or finishing an exam!

I find going to the cinema is a great way to spend an evening, most recently I visited to see the newest ‘Fast and Furious’ film with a friend and had a really nice time! We both really enjoyed the film as we both find the franchise a guilty pleasure, despite the films being unrealistic at times!

We watched the film with a nachos platter and some drinks and snacks from the venue and this was a nice way to enjoy the film, and whilst we watched the pre-show adverts!

The Odeon is easy to navigate, good value for money, and has friendly staff!

In my opinion, the Odeon is more budget friendly as you get good service, great food and comfortable seats whilst watching your chosen film for a good price!

Popcorn box

Everyman Cinema

In my experience, Everyman cinema is more expensive than the Odeon. However, Everyman provides a more personal experience, so it is worth having a think what you are wanting out of your cinema trip before you decide which cinema to visit!

Everyman provides service to your seat with freshly made pizza or wine delivered right to you! Therefore, if you are looking for a dinner and a film evening this could be a better option!

Or, if you fancied dessert while watching your film you could choose from a selection of milkshakes, cookie dough which they make fresh, or build your own sundae!

Everyman is more expensive but the price does reflect the experience you will receive, so this cinema is definitely worth a visit if you are willing to spend a little bit more to treat yourself!

People watching a film in the cinema
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