Lincoln walks to clear your head

Lockdown has been difficult for all of us, especially with the weather being so temperamental meaning that we can’t go on as many walks as we may have wanted to. During these last few lockdowns, I have found some really nice walks in Lincoln that I thought I would share if you didn’t know them already!

It’s so important to be getting outside when you can, if you visit any of these spots make sure to tag us in the photos on Instagram (@uolstudentlife) or Twitter (@UoLStudentLife)!

1. Hartsholme Country Park

Picture of a girl sat with her back to the camera looking out to Hartsholme Lake

This is a bit of a walk to get to if you don’t have a car but it is one of the most beautiful places in Lincoln. There is a lake that you can walk all the way around and see loads of flowers, swans and different parts of the park. If you are coming from the centre of Lincoln it will take you around 45 minutes to walk here and if you have a car it will take around 10 minutes to drive. There is a car park but I would look online for the opening times.

2. Along the Canal

If you live in the centre of Lincoln but have gotten fed up of walking around the Brayford go down the canal instead. During sunset it is beautiful and after you pass the uni houses it becomes so open and quiet. A nice walk that can take your mind off of things and isn’t too busy. I always like to pick a podcast before I start to walk and then just lose myself in it.

3. West Common

This is a find from the first lockdown in March. It is so close to the centre of Lincoln and if there is a good sunset you will see all of it from here. There also is an added bonus of horses throughout the field and if it is too muddy there is a paved walkway that cuts through the centre. When the snow and rain stops and the weather starts to become a lot nicer I would really recommend coming here and have a walk around.

4. Cathedral and Castle

The most obvious route is around the Cathedral and then through the Castle grounds. I love this walk – in any weather. The snow at the moment makes the Cathedral look so beautiful and if you live half way up the hill you don’t even need to do the whole hill!

If you go on any of the walks make sure to let us know and I hope that it clears your head and makes you feel ready for second semester!

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