International Day for Tolerance

The International Day of Tolerance on the 16th of November is focused on bridging understanding between different cultures, religions, ethnicities etc., and overall aims for a more inclusive global society. Here is everything you need to know about the Day for Tolerance.

What is it?

Created by the UN General Assembly, International Tolerance Day aims to raise awareness about intolerances which exist within society and educates us on how to become more tolerant to differences in opinions, race, culture etc. With creating a more tolerant global society, equal opportunities are more likely, discrimination less likely and positive changes are able to occur. Core values consist of respecting others beliefs, their rights and their freedoms. The day usually consists of speeches which promote these values, activism and promotion of the day through different media sources.

Why is it important?

Tolerance allows people to live together without conflict, tolerance is the ability to see beyond different views and accept them rather than alienate people who hold a different viewpoint. Rather than ignorance tolerant people are open to understanding difference and respecting it, this is important because it creates environments in which people feel safe. Another important element is the ability for tolerance to aid in global action, for example the climate change issue is one that needs a global response, the acceptance of different perspectives on the climate crisis is crucial to allow proper action to take place.

How to be more tolerant

Tolerance is something we have to learn, we are all influenced by our own experiences which then shapes our worldviews, tolerance is about being reflective and staying open minded to other peoples unique views. Most intolerance is a result of anger which builds up when somebody goes against something we fundamentally believe, it is about accepting this feeling and trying to understand the other person in a calm and kind way. In other words you are putting others above your egos desire to be right. It isn’t necessarily about ignoring your own views but rather building into your thinking space for different ways of looking at the views you hold, this is a process which takes time and effort.

Hopefully this makes you consider how you can become more tolerant and therefore help in making society a safer more inclusive place to be!

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