Grad Jobs: All You Need to Know

If you’re a final year student you may be looking into graduate jobs. Graduate jobs are permanent roles that final year university students can look into. They can be found in almost every employment sector and are often encouraged around this time of the year for students to start researching and applying. I’m sure you’ve wondered where you can look for them and how you can apply, that’s exactly what this article is about!

University of Lincoln Careers & Employability

The University has an excellent careers centre, of which you can access as a graduate for up to two years after graduation. Services include access to the careers clinic, skills appointments, careers guidance appointments, CareerLinc, employer events, careers and employability workshops and online careers resources. These services can be found here.

They also give the option of signing up for weekly updates for upcoming permanent positions, graduate jobs and graduate schemes. You’ll receive multiple emails weekly with easy application access. You’ll also get weekly emails on events that the careers centre hosts, such CV workshops in order to boost your profile.

Campus Jobs

Campus Jobs is also an excellent source for graduate jobs and graduate schemes, as well as current positions. All you have to do is log in using your university email and then explore the opportunities section. Using the filter option, you can search specific industries and choose which opportunity type you’re after. Campus jobs can be found here.


As soon as you can, I’d recommend building up a LinkedIn profile. There are tonnes of guides online for you to use on how to build a profile, and then following from this you can use the job search feature to look for grad jobs. You can also switch your profile to ‘open for work’ to allow employers to search and message you if any opportunities come up.


I’m sure you would have heard and used Indeed at this point. It’s an excellent advertising source for current positions as well as graduate jobs. Just search for graduate positions in your industry, within your local area (filtering out to as far as you wish to travel) and search. Some of them may provide an easy application process through Indeed itself or via an external link.

Note: For most graduate jobs you will need a covering letter to help with the process!

There’s alternatively the Government website for graduate jobs. Using the search bar here, you can search for your industry as well as where about you are in the country and a list of options will come up for you. Using key words like ‘graduate positions’ or ‘graduate’ will help you find specific introductory jobs.

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