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K-wave Appreciation Society

During your time at university, you will have the opportunity to meet lots of new people from different cultures and learn from each other. The societies at university are one way in which people can do this. I am part of the K-Wave Appreciation Society, and we both learn about and appreciate Korean culture.

What is K-Wave Appreciation Society?

The K-Wave Appreciation Society is a place for people to come together and learn about Korean culture. This society welcomes anyone and everyone with an interest in Korea. The sessions cover everything from the country’s history to traditional holidays to the amazing food and K-pop!

What is K-pop?

Many of the members who join this society will have some knowledge of k-pop (or Korean pop). Its unique sound and intense choreography has attracted fans worldwide and has even led to Korean bands making appearances on British and American soil.

The society runs many sessions dedicated to k-pop, which include quiz nights to test knowledge on boy/girl-groups, sessions to explore k-alternative music, and a session to explore music award shows in Korea. Also, for the fans wanting to learn the choreography and the raps, they even hold weekly dance/vocal/rap sessions! So instead of practicing in front of your bedroom mirror, why not learn with other fans?

What other things do they run?

Korea is a country packed full of culture and tradition, and the K-Wave Appreciation Society arranges sessions and events to explore these areas. The society holds several K-drama, movie and variety show screenings for those who are fans of Korean television and film.

They held an event dedicated to learning about the national Korean holidays known as Chuseok, Foundation Day and Hangul Day. Other events include learning about the Korean education system to exploring important historical figures in Korea. Their ideas are endless!

Also, if you want to try authentic Korean food in Lincoln, you should definitely go to ‘Bab to Go’! The society will definitely agree when I say their food is delicious.

Finally, in order to celebrate their members, the society holds a showcase at the end of the year. Both singing and dancing performances are held alongside anything else that members would like to show. It is a wholesome way to end the year to show people coming together and willing to learn about a new culture.

By Shazeda Ahmed, BA (Hons) English student from the UK

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