Staying safe during Freshers Week

Freshers Week is approaching and I’m sure a lot of students are making plans to go out at night! If…

Freshers Week is approaching and I’m sure a lot of students are making plans to go out at night! If that’s the case, a priority needs to be safety. I wanted to share with you my top tips for staying safe this Freshers Week!

Cup covers and SPIKEY bottle stoppers

Most clubs in and around Lincoln, including the Engine Shed on campus, will provide cup covers and bottle stoppers if you ask when ordering at the bar for free. These cup covers are stickers that you attach to your cup, and then pierce with a straw to drink out of. SPIKEY bottle stoppers come in a range of colours and are used exactly like you’d expect, pop them in your bottle and pierce a straw through it for easy access. These bottle stoppers can also be found for free in the Wellbeing Centre on campus in the waiting room.

Ask for Angela

I’m sure by now in bar/restaurant toilets or on posters, you would have heard of ‘Ask for Angela’. If you haven’t, it’s a service that most bars and restaurants provide for safety if you feel uncomfortable in their premises. Simply go up to a staff member and ask for Angela (literally) and a staff member will take you to a safe space and call a taxi for you.

A full list of venues providing ‘Ask for Angela’ include:

  • Kind Bar
  • Slug and Lettuce
  • Circle
  • Trebles
  • The Ritz Wetherspoon
  • Fever and Boutique
  • Walkabout
  • Vice and Co
  • Huckleberrys
  • William Foster
  • Mailbox
  • The Still
  • Rogue Saint
  • Red 5
  • Riley’s
  • Treaty of Commerce
  • The Scene
  • Royal William IV
  • Strait and Narrow
  • Horse and Groom
  • Witch and Wardrobe
  • The Anchor
  • Bierkeller
  • Cardinal’s Hat
  • Dog and Bone
  • The Swan – Lincoln SU
  • Tower Bar – Lincoln SU

PC Wrigley – University of Lincoln Police Officer

The University is now home to its very own dedicated police officer. PC Wrigley is the University of Lincoln’s Liaison Officer. He is based between the Wellbeing Centre and the Student Support Centre and can be spotted out and about on campus. He is available to chat to informally, to report anything to, or seeking advice.

Follow PC Wrigley on instagram here!

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