Adjusting to living away from home

For most people, including myself, moving away for university was the first time I had lived in a different city…

For most people, including myself, moving away for university was the first time I had lived in a different city than my family and it definitely took some getting used to, but once I had settled in, I began to really enjoy my independence!

Here are a few ways I helped myself through the big adjustment of moving away from home.

Maintaining your connections from home

Just because you have moved away from home, it does not mean you cannot stay in touch! I used to find time each week to ring a different family member and would always be in contact with my family and friends from home through social media and group chats!

I also enjoyed having visits from friends or family planned so I could show them around Lincoln and always have a visit to look forward to which made me feel less homesick!

Make your room a safe space

By bringing a few sentimental items from home you could make your room feel more homely as accommodation bedrooms can be very basic without decoration or your own twist.

I brought some cozy blankets, my favourite dressing gown, and lots of photographs that I printed out to put around my room to make me feel more connected to my family and friends back home!

Explore the new area

Instead of focusing on living away from home, you could instead explore the new city you will be studying in and focus on the exciting new chapter you are about to begin!

Me and my flatmates went for a few walks around the city and visited some of the landmarks of Lincoln like the Arboretum, Cathedral, and the Castle. We also liked to visit the Commons, both West and South and see the horses in the fields whilst the sun set.

Remembering it is okay to feel homesick

Over the first few days while I was at uni I felt very homesick: I missed my family, felt that my flatmates were strangers, and was in a new city I did not know very well.

However, after a short period of time things began to get easier and I began to feel at home and made strong friendships with my flatmates.

If you are feeling homesick this is a normal feeling and you certainly will not be alone in feeling this way!

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