Looking after your mental health

‘Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses, everything is rosy now, looking at the world and everything that passes, seems of rosy hue somehow’ – sings Frank Sinatra.

Our mindset acts as our glasses through which we see the world. To have a positive mindset is to see our life in beautiful colours. To enjoy our experiences. To find love in what we are doing. To look into the future with hope. To face our challenges with calmness.

Mental health is a state of our well-being. It allows us to realise our potential. It give us the ability to cope with stress. It enables us to overcome challenges. Our wellbeing is based on our feelings. It is our emotional health. Positive emotions make us view life as good. They give us sense of contentment and security.

Times like now are challenging. We have to adapt to new ways of working and living. The uncertainty around us can create anxiety. Negative emotions make us doubt our abilities. They knock our confidence. They make us feel unmotivated.

Creating our well-being helps us to not give in, to our negative emotions. This is done through:

Experiencing positive emotions

This is an ability to focus on positive aspects of each situation. To find joy in each task. Brushing teeth. Having a shower. Washing up dishes. Going for a walk. Cooking dinner. Drinking tea.

Being involved in activities

Engaging. Feeling absorbed by what we are doing. For example finding our assignments interesting will make time spent in the library enjoyable. We are learning new things. We are developing our skills.

Finding meaning and purpose in life

The feeling of having sense of direction. Having an idea of what will bring us satisfaction and happiness. Setting ourselves realistic goals.

Building positive relationships

Talking to others. Sharing our experiences. Learning from one another. It brings us feelings of belonging.

Finding gratitude

Being thankful. Recognising what we are good at. Strongly believing in ourselves. Being proud of our achievements. We often forget how hard we worked to be where we are now.

Looking after our mental health in uncertain times like now is crucial. Observe your thoughts. When you notice you are experiencing negative thoughts, try to manage your emotions. Thoughts and feelings are connected. Try to think optimistic of what is to come.

Do you know what happens when you tickle a rat? It laughs.

The magical effects of laughter on our health have been studied in depth. Laugh makes us live longer. It reduces stress. It releases endorphins. It boosts our immune system. It makes us more productive. A good laugh can make us overcome many obstacles.

Follow the sunshine. Don’t look back. Have no regrets. Sky is the limit. It’s time to shine.