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Socialising and making friends without going ‘Out Out’

Not everyone is a fan of going ‘out out’ – I for one, am one of those people! However, it doesn’t mean your social life needs to be limited, you can still make loads of friends doing things other than going out. Check out my top 5 ideas for socialising, without going out!

1. Get to know your house/flatmates

This is absolutely the first opportunity you will have to socialise and make new friends at uni! Grab yourself a doorstop so your flatmates can say hi as they walk past your room and pop in for a chat.

If you are one of the first to move into your new accommodation, see if your new flatmates need any help moving in. You could help carry bags and boxes from their car and help them to settle in once they’ve arrived!

Make sure to spend time in the communal areas of your flat/house, like your kitchen and living area – take your laptop and sit at the dining table to do some work, ask your flatmates if they fancy having a movie night, or you could plan a meal and cook together or order a takeaway!

2. Join groupchats/online groups for your course

Keep an eye out on social media as there will be lots of opportunities to join groups relating to your course. This is a great way to meet people who study the same thing as you and will all be heading to the same place on day one!

There will be lots of people asking who is heading to specific rooms throughout the uni for seminars and other events, so it is a great place to organise to meet people and walk together – especially if you live near people taking the same course, which is quite likely in Lincoln as most of the student accommodations are close to each other and close to campus.

3. Join a club or society

There are so many clubs and societies available via the Student Union website – a little bit of something for everyone, with a range of different membership fees for different activities!

Check out the clubs or societies you are interested in on social media and drop them a message if you’d like to find out more information – the committee for each activity will be able to help with any questions you have.

Clubs and activities are so good for meeting people and socialising. You have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and take part in activities with people away from your course!

I’ve been part of both academic and sports societies since I started at UoL and I’ve met some of my closest friends as part of these clubs, and gained lots of new skills.

Click here to check out all the clubs/societies!

4. Go to all of the welcome activities and meetings that your course offers

During Welcome Week your school will offer lots of activities and meetings relating to your course. Although of course, these are important to attend in order to gain important information about your course, it is also a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Like I mentioned above, you will be able to join people who will be walking to uni to attend these meetings via any group chats you join on social media. Also, you will be able to introduce yourself to people you sit with in seminar rooms/lecture halls.

5. Don’t be afraid to say hi

Everyone in the first few weeks will be worried about whether they are in the right place at the right time, so don’t be afraid to talk to people when you’re waiting outside a seminar room or a lecture hall, it is very likely that they don’t know anyone either, so you could sit together during the uni session and grab a coffee afterward, or walk to your next lecture or seminar if you’re heading to the same place.

Don’t forget, everyone is in the same boat, nobody knows each other and everybody wants to make friends. You don’t need to go out for this to happen, there are lots of opportunities to socialise and make friends for life doing other activities, and by taking part in things that you enjoy. Of course, there are always support services available if you would like some extra support at the university. Check out this page on the University of Lincoln website for extra information on services and more content from Student Life!