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5 ways to up your social media game

Whether you love social media or loathe being friend-requested and followed, the power of a social platform is undeniable and forever growing. The uses are ever-expanding; what once was primarily used for more creatives to promote themselves has opened up for all personas for all types of content. Here are some main tips for improving your profile, gaining followers and getting your content out there on each of the main platforms.

Facebook: Make sure any photos you are tagged in are ones you wouldn’t mind your family or potential employers seeing – no one needs to know how many VKs you had last night! You can also add up to five featured photos on your profile which will be the first things anyone sees when they access your profile, make them give a good impression! Ensure you follow pages and groups which interest you; this allows you to keep up with your interest and be introduced to those who share common ground.

Twitter: Attach relevant images to your tweets to get your point across – this engages the reader, making it more likely that you’ll get that all-important retweet, reaching a wider audience. Make those 240 characters count! Use relevant hashtags and interact with anyone who sparks your interest – join the conversation and discuss your thoughts (respectfully of course, we’re all human).

Instagram: Most influencers tend to stick with a simple colour theme (golden colours, red tint or accents of blue) which can easily be achieved with the use of apps such as VSCO or Moldiv by filtering your images to have the same colour hues as each other – this makes your profile more aesthetically pleasing overall for your followers. You can now follow hashtags instead of actual profiles, for example, I love continuous line drawings but couldn’t find a single profile I liked so I follow the #ContinuousLineDrawings, meaning content ends up on my timeline without me having to follow a million accounts.

YouTube: Make your thumbnail intrigue the audience; you always see famous YouTubers using graphics on their thumbnails to draw you in and make you click their video – add a bold title which summarises the topic of your content! Across your channel, try to establish what sort of content you want to be known for. Are you into fashion and beauty, do you showcase your cooking skills or do you follow the latest film released? Whatever it is, make it known by adding a banner and description to your profile for your followers to see straight away.

LinkedIn: This one is more professional – keep it clean, keep images high quality, but show your personality! Employers don’t want robots, but just keep it more respectful – keep the selfies for instagram.

To finish, please remember that everyone on the internet is human. Be kind, have fun, and spread your content everywhere you can. The internet can be an amazing place if we all keep it in mind that these #hashtags and profiles are real people with real lives and real emotions. Stay happy, people.

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