Resources to get you through a second lockdown

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it. With lockdown number two now in place…

This post was written during the pandemic and contains information specific to it.

With lockdown number two now in place and lots of information flying around we wanted to give you a round-up of the communications you should have received and the support systems available to you.

Firstly, if you haven’t already make sure you’ve read the letter to students from the Minister of State for Universities, which explains the situation for students now we’re in lockdown again.

If you have symptoms, have tested positive, or are already self-isolating (and were not informed by the uni), please visit the University’s Test, Trace & Care site and fill out the form so that we can keep other students as safe as possible!

Help for self-isolating students

After you report your self-isolation to the university, you should receive an email with contact details for people who are willing to help you get food and general support during the period of your isolation. As well as this, do not hesitate to contact your module leaders and personal tutors, as they will most likely be happy give you support.

As well as this, the library is now offering a delivery service for isolating students, where you can take out 2 books at a time and have them delivered to your accommodation. This service is available by emailing with the details of the books and your delivery address.

The university has also offered advice for people who are self-isolating both with and without symptoms, so follow the self-isolation Guide to help you get through those couple of weeks!

Don’t panic, take a deep breath and focus on with your studies – the month will fly by! Keep in touch with family and friends and remember to stay safe.

Businesses which will stay open

  • Essential retail (food shops, pharmacies, hardware stores)
  • Petrol Stations, car repair and MOT services
  • Taxi services
  • Banks, post offices, etc.
  • Laundrettes
  • Medical and dental services
  • Vets and pet shops

Shopping safely in the current lockdown

  • Stay 2 metres away from other customers and staff
  • Keep clear of people on the way to and from the shops, and when inside them as well
  • Be patient, wait for people to be clear the aisle or the area you need before you reach in
  • Shop alone if you can!
  • Do not panic buy, only buy the things you need
  • Respect shopping hours for healthcare workers and the vulnerable
  • Use delivery services where possible

For mental health-related issues, financial concerns or if you just feel overwhelmed, go to the Student Services and Student Wellbeing COVID support page – there are lots of resources to help you. The SU is also there to help you with any concerns, they offer advice for a range of issues.

For further information on coronavirus and how it may affect you, take a look at the government website which covers any new changes and rules for lockdown and the virus in general.

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