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Part time jobs while studying

Getting a job while you are at university is great, especially if you get a role that gives you knowledge for your potential career path.

During my time at university I have had two jobs, one at home in Birmingham as a bartender and the second as a Digital Content Creator for Student Life.

When I applied for the bartending job in Birmingham, I was honest about the fact that I would be going back to Lincoln for university and would, therefore, not be able to work during term times. I would suggest doing this if applying for a job in your home town as your employer might offer you work during your holidays. This can also save you from having to hand in a notice when you head back to university, as your employer will be aware of your situation.

My experience as a Digital Content Creator has given me practice in working as a blog writer for a professional organisation. It may not be possible for you to start your dream job whilst studying for your degree, but a role that compliments your career path could give you valuable skills that may be helpful in the future. One thing that appealed to me about the content creator role was the experience I would gain in writing for an audience, which I felt would be helpful for my degree in Politics and International Relations.

Jobs that include day to day communication and interaction, such as hospitality or retail, often build skills that future employers look for, even if you don’t plan to pursue a career in those fields.

In my experience, the direct route to finding part time work is usually the best. Finding a role that appeals to you and getting in touch with the employer via email, phone, or face to face contact is a good start. For example, I got my job as a bartender by walking through the front door of a pub that I knew was hiring with my CV and asking to speak to the manager. For my role as a digital content creator, I heard about the job through word of mouth and emailed a member of the team for more information.

LinkedIn is also a valuable way of finding part time jobs. You can get in contact with employers directly, as well as creating a profile that is eye-catching and represents you as a desirable employee. LinkedIn is a more professional and career oriented platform compared to other social media, and having a good profile can be a great asset to your working life.

The University has further resources and guides on getting part time jobs. I have included some links to the Students Union, Students Union Job Shop and Campus Jobs for more information which you might find useful.

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