Best of: Making your uni room feel like home!

It’s quite common to get homesick when you first move away to uni so our student content creators have given their advice on what best helps them make uni feel more like home.

Throws and Table Decorations – Marcus

“These decorative blankets can add a splash of colour, and increase the comfort of the furniture at the same time! A small plant, light, even a fruit bowl can liven up the kitchen table. With plants, it could be a smart idea to choose a fake one, as this decreases the risk of it dying and becoming unsightly, but it’s up to you! The best thing about table decorations is that they increase the appeal of eating at the kitchen table.”

Smellies – Rebecca Garbutt

“Candles are prohibited in student accommodation, but there are plenty of other ways to keep your room smelling fresh and inviting. Infusers can be used as a smoke-free alternative and scented bath petals can be scattered in your clothes drawers to help keep your clothes smelling clean, even when they’re not.”

Photos and fairy lights – Talie Colbourne

“One of the most important things for me was making sure that my room looked how I wanted it to. Fairy lights, bunting and photos were all essential for me when decorating and making myself at home. As a photo hoarder, I have a box of over 500 printed-out photographs, which obviously couldn’t all be featured on my walls, but pictures of some of my most important memories could be put up to perk me up on a down day.”

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