Finding Security and Help on Campus

Police Liaison Officer There are many ways the university provides security and help on campus; the newest addition is the…

Police Liaison Officer

There are many ways the university provides security and help on campus; the newest addition is the introduction of a Police Liaison Officer for the university. PC Mark Wrigley is available to students to offer guidance and advice around any concerns or issues involving crime and safety.

These issues can be raised anonymously, so you do not have to worry if you are nervous about reporting something or seeking advice.

PC Wrigley is usually located between the Student Wellbeing Centre and Student Support Centre and he is available for an informal chat, or to make a full report on your behalf.

How to contact…

I have never spoken to PC Wrigley as I haven’t ever had to report or query anything, however, I have often walked by him on campus. I have observed him chatting to students in a friendly and helpful manner, and I think he is a very approachable individual who is an asset to the university.

University Security Team

The campus security team monitor all areas of the campus through CCTV and patrolling the campus.

The team also provide 24/7 assistance on campus, by providing security advice to students and staff.

There is a main Security Office in the Minerva Building, on the Brayford Campus, and located in the Wordsworth Building at Risseholme Park.

I have personally always appreciated having campus security patrolling the campus, especially at night when I would be returning home from a night out or a late-night library session.

Their presence on campus always made me feel so much safer knowing they were available to support me if needed.

Student Support

Student services offer help with a range of queries such as…

  • Financial support and money management
  • Service Information
  • Visa advice
  • Personalised Academic Study Support
  • Disabled Students’ Allowance
  • Mental Health
  • Respect
  • Misconduct and harassment support

Student Support is a great way to receive in-house support directly from the university, the Student Support Centre is located on the Ground floor of the Minerva Building.

The support centre is a multi-purpose office for students to gain access to services which provide professional and academic support.

Throughout my time at university, I visited the Support Centre many times and was met with a professional team who were happy to listen to my concerns and help me through my problems. The team would either solve or give advice on the issue or would refer the concern to a specialist team.

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