LPAC – Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

The LPAC (Lincoln Performing Arts Centre) is located centrally on campus, and is a 446 seater multi-level venue. All levels of talent have performed there and is currently the home to the Lincoln School of Performing Arts (LSPA). I wanted to tell you more about the LPAC and why you should pop in for a visit!

What’s inside?

Like I mentioned before, it is a 446-seater venue split over two levels facing a platformed stage. Around 400 students study Dance, Drama, Music, Musical Theatre and Technical Theatre & Stage Management and use the LPAC as practice throughout their undergraduate degrees. There is also a lovely café inside called the ‘Zing Café Bar’ where snacks, coffee and alcoholic beverages can be purchased even without seeing a show. It’s open 8:30am through to 4pm, and then opening an hour before a performance.

My experience

I visited the LPAC back in my first year, for a stand-up performance by Julian Clary. I booked a solo ticket for something like £22 a couple of weeks before hand and then popped along on the day. There were staff greeting at the door, the café bar was full of happy couples sipping on wine and then the doors opened. My seat was in the balcony, so I headed upstairs and was seated. The seats are modern bench-style seats, allowing people to move along if adjacent seats are empty. I watched the show, absolutely adored it, and then headed out. It was an overall pleasant trip. If it wasn’t for COVID making my second and third year almost entirely remote, I would have visited the LPAC more.

Lincoln Comedy Festival

Every year, the LPAC, the Engine Shed and The Drill are prime locations for the Lincoln Comedy Festival. Created by Fluid Thinking in 2008, a number of huge names within comedy have taken centre stage – including Sarah Millican, Russel Howard, Jack Whitehall, Frankie Boyle, Lee Nelson and many more!

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