The only guide you need for moving to Lincoln UK

Diana shares some helpful tips about what you should do as soon as you move into university to help you start your year off right.

You can find Fresher wristbands and week line-up here:

0.00 – Introduction
0.25 – Shopping
1.43 – Room Decore
2.28 – Exploring Lincoln
2.40 – Campus Study Spots
3.02 – Joining a Society
3.32 – Freshers Week Planning
4.09 – Organisation Tools
4.37 – Meal Planning
4.58 – Timetable
5.18 – Conclusion

The best charity shops in Lincoln:…

Must-Have Decorations for Student Accommodation:…

Mental Health Reminders for Freshers:…

Things I Wish I Could Say To My Freshers Self:…

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