Halls Survival Guide

The transition from the cosiness home to the buzz of university halls is filled with excitement, anxiety, novelty, and nostalgia.…

The transition from the cosiness home to the buzz of university halls is filled with excitement, anxiety, novelty, and nostalgia. For many students, it’s the first taste of independence and new challenges. Welcome to “Surviving University Halls”—your essential guide to making the most of your experience. 

Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones

When you move into halls, you’ll notice how high energy it can be. To those introverts, this can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes, you might just want to take yourself off and have time to recharge, but with so many people around, it can be hard to relax. The best thing you can invest in is some noise-cancelling headphones. They block out all surrounding sound, so if housemates are making a racket at 3 a.m., or you’re trying to concentrate on an assignment, your headphones are your saving grace to blocking out the outside world.

Buy different coloured cutlery/ plates

Everyone in your flat will probably be putting their cutlery in one drawer and mixing pots and pans up depending on how much cupboard space you have: a nightmare for keeping track of your stuff. To avoid this, try buying items that aren’t so plain. They don’t have to be flashy; just a different coloured handle on your cutlery or a funky pattern on a plate can help you not lose things.

Bring some comforts from home

Being away from home can be nerve-wracking, especially if Uni and home are miles and miles away. By bringing some comforts from home, such as photos, pillows, or blankets, you’re not only reminding yourself of home but also making this new environment feel more like your own.

Buy a first aid kit

With freshers’ flu and other accidents on the horizon, a first aid kit is fantastic at storing things like painkillers, plasters, and other things you or a friend might need in the case of minor illness or injury. It’s convenient and will probably give your parents some piece of mind. 

With the new term on the horizon, the anticipation of new experiences. From the hilarious and the utterly unexpected. But here’s the awesome bit: You’re absolutely equipped to tackle it all. Embrace the chaos, cherish the memories, and remember to stay safe in your new flat!

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