Preserving Graduation Memories

Graduation is a day you’ll never forget, but having sentimental items from the day can be lovely to look back…

Graduation is a day you’ll never forget, but having sentimental items from the day can be lovely to look back on. You can do this in many ways, some with less effort than others if you want to spend most of your day in the moment, but it’s definitely worth doing!


You can take photos on the day with your phone, or get your family/friends to do it for you! Not only this, but you can pay a professional photographer to take your photograph on the day. These will be great to put in a scrapbook or on your wall, commemorating your achievement.


The university will sell memorabilia at graduations if you want a little memento of your time at Lincoln. You can get anything from a sports bottle to a swan keyring, but even the smallest and cheapest item will be enough to keep somewhere safe so that you can look back on it fondly. I’d personally go for the swan cuddly teddies as they make a great shelf decoration or addition to your bed!

Pressing Flowers

If your family or friends get you a bunch of flowers as a congratulations, you could press some of the bunch to preserve them! After you’ve pressed them you could seal them with Mod Podge to put in a scrapbook or put them in a glass frame to hang them on your wall. Pressing flowers is easy, all you need to do is put a flower in some kitchen roll, and then in the middle of a book. After you’ve done that, pile heavy items on top of the book to press the flower! I’d recommend leaving it there for a few days just to be sure.

If you don’t get given any flowers, you could find a leaf that’s fallen nearby or a wildflower near your accommodation or student house. Just make sure you don’t pick from anyone’s gardens!


If you’ve been listening to some specific songs recently, add them to a playlist. The chances are you’ll start listening to different music in a few months, and the songs in your playlist will remind you of your graduation. You can listen back to them whenever you want to remember your day and all the fun you’ve had.


A great way to consolidate all the photos, memorabilia and other items you collect from your graduation is by putting them all into a scrapbook. You could make one of your final year and finish it with your graduation day, or you could just do a mini graduation-themed book. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, it’s for you and your memories.

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