What is a grad scheme?

A graduate scheme is a program that is structured in a way that it doubles both as an entry-level job and a training scheme. The employer provides this opportunity to develop leaders in their organisation. Graduate schemes usually have a duration of one to two years (some may be longer), and these programs are usually designed for employees coming directly from university. Most of these schemes will include getting you accustomed to the different areas within the company to build up your knowledge on how the business works, gain responsibility and experience to develop a better understanding of the profession.

How does it work?

While working for the said company you will also be getting paid a full-time wage which is why this can be appealing to many graduates as you can have a direct path to a career you would like to pursue whilst getting properly trained and building upon multiple key skills. It is important to also consider that in return for the salary, graduates are to cater towards the needs of the employer and the business. Commonly, the scheme will split into timetabled placements working in a variety of teams and branches of the business. 

This shows how being highly flexible is a necessary skill to have when going for a graduate job. If you do obtain the position, it is likely to then be offered a permanent role after successfully completing the scheme. This is not always the case, so be sure to investigate this when looking at specific employers.

The process of applying

If you want to apply and feel interested, then you will usually be able to apply to start from the end of your second year (June). With graduate scheme deadlines being around November or December time of the same year. Start dates for these programs are normally August or September after you graduate. Getting a position is not easy, and it is highly competitive, so it is advised to apply as early as possible due to places being taken very quickly by other eager graduates.

How the Careers & Employability centre can help

If you are interested in getting more information on graduate schemes go to the Careers & Employability site of the University of Lincoln, you can look at what field you would be interested in and then get some information on graduate schemes and internship options, as well as a list of UK’s top graduate schemes for that field. If you feel like you would benefit more from personalised advice on what to do and what steps to take, you can book a meeting with one of the advisors for a one-to-one appointment.

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