Stuff you won’t actually need at university

One of the exciting things about coming to university is collecting all the things you think you’ll need to make…

One of the exciting things about coming to university is collecting all the things you think you’ll need to make the next 3 years the best they can be. However, speaking from personal experience, there’s a tendency to get a little too excited and just take too much stuff that will only make moving out again at the end of the year harder. Here is a list of things you probably won’t need when you come to uni. 


If this is your first time living independently, cooking may seem a little daunting. You might think that a cooking book will help guide you when learning this new skill. However, in my experience, it’s just bulky, there’s a good chance it will get lost and any recipe in there is probably on the internet somewhere and can be found on your phone, which is much more compact and something you use every day anyway. 

Fancy Kitchen Appliances

When I was a fresher, I brought a cheese toastie maker to university. You guessed it, I never used it! The only people that did, never cleaned it so it ended up in the bin. The moral of the story is, don’t bring fancy kitchen appliances as they often go unused and take up too much space in your cupboards. 

More Pots Than Necessary

You might think you need loads of plates, pots, and pans to be cooking everything properly, but you really don’t. One set of everything works just fine, the only spares I’d suggest having a spare plate/ bowl and perhaps some extra utensils for when you have guests or can’t be bothered to wash your pots. 

An Iron

Most accommodations will probably have one anyway, but an iron is really not necessary. You can literally accomplish the same thing by hanging up your clothes when they’re drying and then putting them straight in your wardrobe when they’re done. 

Old Sentimental Items

If you have the luxury of having your childhood bedroom when you come home, then there is no need to be bringing old sentimental items to uni. You won’t need them and it’s just more stuff to carry and store away, and they’re probably safer at home anyway. 

All of your clothes

Realistically you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe to university, particularly if you’re only going to be here during term time. So, things like summer dresses and massive Christmas jumpers can probably just stay at home. 

Going to University is such an exciting time in your life, however, there is no need to bring lots and lots of things. Just bring what you need and have a fantastic time!

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