Sunset over Lincoln, with Lincoln Cathedral in the background

Why I knew Lincoln was right for me

I first visited Lincoln nearly five years ago for an open day. I’ve now lived in the city for almost four years so I’m here to tell you why I knew Lincoln was right for me (and hopefully why it’s right for you!)

In the past few years, I’ve seen Lincoln grow with new infrastructure and more things to do, meaning my reasons for loving the city have only blossomed. On my first visit to the city, the sun was shining, and I knew that Lincoln was the place for me – I went on to visit a few more universities, but Lincoln had set a standard that they just couldn’t meet.

The close amenities

After spending half of the open day on campus, we spent the rest exploring the city. Something that was really important to me was how close amenities were to where I would be living and studying. In Lincoln, this really isn’t an issue. From the three different locations I’ve lived in, (one university-managed accommodation and two private houses) the supermarket, town centre, cinema, restaurants and bars have all been no more than a short walk!

Lincoln isn’t really a place for cars. They may be useful for bigger supermarket shops, but most of the time it is expensive and difficult to find parking for them. Being that I didn’t (and still don’t) drive, Lincoln is almost made for people like myself! Something I was really happy with, and something that swayed my final decision on choosing Lincoln, was the fact that I didn’t have to pay weekly for a bus pass to get around the city – bringing me to my next point.

The ‘small-town’ vibe

One of the first things I attended on my open day was the accommodation talk. A big talking point during this was how close all the university accommodation was to the buildings and facilities. I knew instantly which accommodation I wanted for my first choice, one that was off-campus – yet I could see all of campus from. Since then many more accommodations and facilities have been built all with this same positive attribute, that distance to the campus and where you’d be studying is minimal.

Due to its small size, Lincoln has this wonderful community feel to it. Personally, I love this because you’re never too far away from the things you want to do or the people you want to see. The same goes for lectures, being able to get to a lecture in under ten minutes was wonderful, especially for those pesky 9am when I knew I’d be rolling out of bed not long before!

The course

Obviously, one of the most important things to consider when going to uni is the course itself. For my course there weren’t many places in the country that taught it the way Lincoln does, so my choices were slightly limited. Nonetheless, after speaking to students who’d done the course along with tutors I knew that it would be a course I’d enjoy. The university has advanced a lot since then, notably higher in league tables, and better facilities – all things that helped sway my decision.

The city

Lincoln is this incredible blur of modern and historical. The city itself is beautiful and has plenty to learn about. This was a factor I considered in my decision and I’m glad I did because I’ve enjoyed exploring the city and all its hidden treasures over the past years and creating my own history here. I definitely made the right choice for me, and I know this city is one I will be returning to many times in my future.

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