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If you are spending your summer in Lincoln then there is plenty of exciting ways to spend the summer either…

If you are spending your summer in Lincoln then there is plenty of exciting ways to spend the summer either with friends, partners, or by yourself!

Below are a few ways me and my friends have spent past summers to give you some inspiration on how to spend your summer this year!

Visiting the beach

Although there is not a beach in Lincoln, there is a direct Stagecoach bus from the city central bus station which can take you to Skegness beach!

Going to the beach is a great way to enjoy the nice weather by walking along the beach and pier, or even challenging your friends to a game of minigolf!

My friends and I really like visiting the beach either by car or the regular buses as it can be a change of scenery and a relaxing day to enjoy some fish and chips and visit the arcades!


There are so many picnic spots in Lincoln, mine and my friend’s regular picnic spot has always changed depending upon the location of our accommodation, which changed each year, however my favourite spot would have to be the Arboretum.

The Arboretum is a beautiful picnic spot due to the range of wildlife, plants, and fixtures such as the bandstand and lion statue.

I really enjoy having picnics with my friends as its an inexpensive way to spend time together, but also enjoy the sun!

The Arboretum also has many shady spots to allow for sun protection, if like me you are especially sensitive to the sun!

Vulcan Park

Vulcan Park is a compound with many fun activities to do over the summer!

The compound has something for everyone as activities can range from: minigolf (Urban Putters), axe throwing (Axed Lincoln) and escape rooms (Escape Lincoln)! There is also refreshments and drinks on sale too!

My friends and I have tried out the minigolf and escape rooms from this facility and are looking forward to trying out axe throwing in the future!

The compound has a lot to offer and these activities are a nice way to spend the day and have a drink and chat with friends afterwards at the on-site bar area.

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