Girl Scout Day

Girl Scouts are an American youth organisation for girls which was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. Juliette was…

Girl Scouts are an American youth organisation for girls which was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. Juliette was inspired to begin the group after meeting Robot Baden-Powell. Robert Baden-Powell started the world-wide scout movement when he established the Boy Scouts Association in 1908 in Britain. They’re known as Girl Guides in the UK and were founded by Robert’s sister Agnes Baden-Powell. Young girls can become Girl Scouts from aged 5 and can stay within the organisation, whether as a scout or a scout leader for the rest of their lives!

The Girl Scout organisation is dedicated to engaging young girls in activities which empower them, help their community and grow their confidence skills. They usually meet up once a week in a community centre where they can simply enjoy the activities put on by the leaders or work towards specific badges. These activities can vary from arts and crafts to charity work or going to a Summer camp for outdoor activities. Girl Scouts can also work towards badges. These badges are given to Girl Scouts for participating in activities, special programs or events, such as a camping. They can also earn badges by completing skill-building activities. For example, they could earn a creative writing award by completing a set of criteria which builds this skill.

They’re stereotypically known in the media, being portrayed in many movies and television shows to sell cookies. These are commonly sold by Girl Scouts going door to door, at fundraisers or online. The profits from these cookies go to supporting the activities of Girl Scouts. For example they may pay for swimming lessons to support earning a swimming badge. Selling these cookies also allow the scouts to improve their people skills, make decisions and manage money.

Girl Scout day annually occurs on March 12th each year. The day is used to raise awareness of the Girl Scouts and remember their history. Particularly their assistance during the Great Depression where they actively participated in relief efforts and helping those in need. Since then the scouts have continued to help organisations like the Red Cross through fundraising or helping directly.

Being over 100 years old, the Girl Scouts has grown to over 2.5 million members throughout America, including both girls and adult members. They also actively encourage new members regardless of age, the only criteria is that you’re female. They continue to encourage young girls to develop life skills and have fun along the way!

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