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Creative ways to reuse plastic

Plastic has become an inevitable part of our lives over the last few decades and its harmful impact on the environment is starting to show. Despite this, there are ways to reuse the plastic we acquire to reduce the wastage onto our environment, here are a few creative ways to reuse plastic.

Make plant pots

Making plant pots is a great way to extend the life of plastic containers you get at the supermarket or elsewhere. You can either simply use an empty plastic container as a makeshift pot or use multiple pieces of plastic taped together to make a pot shape. When doing this it’s important to ensure that the pots have drainage holes so the soil can drain excess water out of the pot. Some of the best types of containers for this are supermarket mushroom containers as they sometimes already have drainage holes, water bottles are also good if you cut them in half as well as pots. The more tray-shaped plastic containers can be used as drainage trays for your already potted houseplants or outdoor plants. Plastic containers with screw-on lids can also be used as watering cans for houseplants, just ensure you wash them out thoroughly before use.

Keep a craft box

Another interesting way to try and reuse plastic is to create a craft box of plastic that you can use to make things with. This can be used for many uses, for example making a homemade card for a friend or relative. It could be something fun you could do with younger family members or your friends, using the plastic to create things. Professional model makers will often use found pieces of plastic to create their model creations, maybe that could be something that you try. Instead of the plastic being discarded and posing a threat to the environment its life is extended within a reuse economy and put to better use. This is great for small pieces of plastic which don’t at first have an obvious use.


A great way to ensure the plastic you use doesn’t go to waste is by using plastic containers for storage. Plastic trays or pots can be used as organizers in a drawer, simply use multiple trays to separate the drawer into sections making it easier to organize and arrange your items. Plastic jars could also be turned into things like stationary pots or even used as storage for ingredients in the kitchen.

To help keep plastic from polluting our environment finding unique ways to try and upcycle the plastic we use is important. Hopefully, these ideas will help you think more about how you can reduce the plastic you waste.

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