Winding down after submitting assignments

Deadline season can be all-consuming and days quickly go by on robot mode, eating, sleeping and working with not much…

Deadline season can be all-consuming and days quickly go by on robot mode, eating, sleeping and working with not much else in between! Therefore it can be difficult to wind down and get back into a normal routine afterwards.

Reward Yourself

The first thing to do is recognise and reward yourself for all your hard work! Deadline season isn’t easy at all and you making it through is a huge achievement, especially when having to cook, clean and work alongside that too. Therefore try to do something fun you’ve been putting off and reward yourself. Whether that’s going wild at Morrisons with the expensive ingredients and cooking yourself a Michelin star meal, ordering a takeaway or having a night out with friends, make sure you’re doing something just for fun and to enjoy it. Especially as the last few weeks have probably been stuffed with guilt when you’re not being productive. Having a reward in place can also help keep you going through those last, long library days.

Clean Your Space

Additionally, as deadlines are a priority, other things like looking after yourself can quickly get pushed to the side, therefore it’s important to get your life back in order when they’re finished. This could be cleaning your room, washing your bedding, drinking water or just making sure you have three balanced meals a day. This gives a fresh start and can help you to wind down and start a new now exams are over.

Get Back Into Your Hobbies!

Hobbies can also quickly get pushed to the side and ignored during exams as there’s usually no time to fit them in, however now they’re over ensure you’re going back to your hobbies and having fun with them. This can be a great way to relax yourself and stop any post-exam stress you may feel by still being distracted without getting lost in a phone-scroll. If you don’t have any hobbies then this is the perfect time to start a new one! Simply buying a book to go read outside now the weather is warmer is a fantastic way to look after yourself and try something new now you’ve got spare time.

Go Outside

Moreover, it’s important to get outside into the fresh air. The past few weeks or even months have probably had you metaphorically chained to your laptop hunched over writing and revising away until the early hours of the morning, therefore it’s important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, especially as the weather gets warmer as this can help you reflect on what you’ve achieved and reduce any anxiety you may feel now it’s over.

Finally, now you’re able to have a normal routine again, why not try writing down your goals. These don’t have to be big or productive at all, just simply make sure you’re relaxed and doing things which benefit you. For example, setting goals to wake up at a certain time and drink water can help you wind down and get back into a relaxed mindset, as often routines get lost during deadline season.

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