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Staying motivated is very important this close to the end of the year. With the weather improving, it can be…

Staying motivated is very important this close to the end of the year. With the weather improving, it can be tempting to avoid uni work in favour of spending time outside or in a beer garden.

Until the end of the academic year, it is vital to maintain motivation, therefore I thought I would share some tips on how to stay motivated!

1. Create your own reward system

I find that when I struggle to motivate myself, creating a reward system that works for me is very important to reward myself for my hard work using instant gratification techniques.

For instance, if I have planned a study day ahead of time, I will usually buy myself some nice treats to snack on throughout the day, such as chocolates or sweets.

Also, I will usually watch an episode of a tv show on Netflix every few hours to ensure I am giving myself a break and allowing my brain to switch off a little.

2. Schedule your day

I usually schedule my day to ensure I am setting realistic goals and meeting smaller targets throughout the day to keep me motivated and focused on where I need to be every few hours.

By setting goals and scheduling the day, I am motivated to start at a reasonable hour and not be tempted to put off starting my uni work.

By scheduling my day, it also ensures I can have regular breaks (including accounting for lunch) and decide upon an end time whereby I can stop working and enjoy my evening as a reward for a hard days work.

3. Set the right study atmosphere

If I work at home, I enjoy lighting a few candles or a wax burner to make my desk more inviting.

Since watching the series Bridgerton on Netflix, I sometimes study with music from their soundtrack as this involves classical renditions of modern pop songs. I find the classical music is helpful in not being a distraction but also provides background noise to help me focus.

4. Create a clean workspace

A clean workspace allows me to want to sit at my desk more as it is more motivating to work at a clear desk!

If I have a day planned to do uni work at home, I will usually ensure that my desk is clear the night before as to not delay my productivity once I begin working in the morning.

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